Pleasing the palate: 4 zesty salads you’ll be tempted to try


Have you ever been to a workshop related to cooking/gardening? Even I hadn’t and didn’t know what to expect. But, that changed this year. Not some kind of resolution; just, getting out of my comfort zone to unlearn and learn again the traditional way. After the square foot gardening one in Feb, this was my second one.

Seth in one of his recent posts wrote:

You can listen to what people say, sure.

But you will be far more effective if you listen to what people do.

I can vouch for that, first hand. Nothing like listening to what people do in person. To see the energy flow, to see the product take shape, to experience the thought behind it, and it gets better in the company of other people. I attended Nandita’s (of Saffron Trail fame) Zesty Salads class the day before. It was a refreshing break of two hours from writing about hedge funds and asset backed securities non-stop for two weeks, and a great experience. One I would recommend if you are struggling to take that baby step towards healthy eating.


Try this: an origami birthday-party invite that will lit up your guests’ faces!

origami invite

My son’s birthday party was a last-minute-let’s-do-it affair. We had decided we wouldn’t have one, or probably have one a week later. But just like that, three days before his birthday, we decided to have one as my dad was visiting. There you go: all the arrangements had to be done, and by myself. Unlike every time, we were not getting food from outside. Just the cake.

I could have made it easy on myself by simply inviting people. Nah..everything has to be perfect and special. This was when every corner of the house was decked (not littered!) up with airplanes of some shape and size. So, I thought why not make an origami shaped invite. And, this was born. My son and I spent three hours meticulously measuring width and height of every rectangle, and deftly moving our fingers for a squash-fold.


Baskets, baskets, why are you so elusive?


This has to be the longest search ever for baskets. From @ Home to Hyper City and M.K. Retail to Total and Safina Plaza (in the hope there may be some exhibition) to FabIndia, I’ve been everywhere. And still looking.

Total, Hyper City and M.K. Retail all carry the same type of baskets (beige and brown) of about the same sizes with little variation in prices. HomeTown has the Whitmor brand that I quite liked for its sturdiness. The dimensions fit perfectly what I’m looking for; it would be a neat fit in the closet. Aah..if only the price was’s Rs.3,000 a piece.  And I need at least four of them. Flipping through the pages of an Ikea catalog, I was stunned by the array of baskets made with so many different materials at really affordable prices.


Guess, the last resort is to go to Shivaji Nagar which I haven’t been able to.



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