3D Wall Panels: An Alternative to Wallpaper and Textured Painting

In the living

Accent walls will never go out of style. Trends, of course, will change with time as to how you make a wall stand out – textured painting, wallpaper, murals, exposed bricks being some of them. In this post, I give you an easy…

This Santiago Apartment Is a Practical Lesson in Renovation

We had someone over for breakfast yesterday morning. We got talking about homes, the challenges of finding a new apartment within a modest budget in a great location, and the lack of availability. After exchanging notes about the travails of living in a home with mosaic flooring and underneath of sink home to generations of roaches, we wondered what takes precedence: location or floor plan?


How to Grow An Endless Supply of Tomatoes in Pots at home

How to maximise yield in tomatoes

Five vegetables you can grow in pots all around the year is one of the most viewed posts on the blog. And, another often searched item is ” how to grow tomatoes in pots at home“.

I’m not…

From the experts: How to set up your small balcony garden from scratch

balcony garden

I ran a poll on our Facebook page a few weeks ago asking what you would like to see: a post on balcony garden or accent walls? An overwhelming majority of you voted in favor of balcony garden. Understandably…

Tour Izzy’s Charming English Home

english cottage bedroom

This bedroom stood out from hundred others on my Insta feed. I don’t know what is more captivating: the beautiful B&W furnishing or the laid back style of the bedroom that makes you want to jump in. Most of all, it looks lived in and decorated with love.


DIY: How to Upholster a Bench for $15 in under 2 Hours

upholster a bench

Indu Bheri, a regular reader of this blog, shares a bench makeover project she did with her husband recently. She generously details the makeover with step by step instructions. May I add she makes it sound easy to undertake one of…

Vandana’s 2,500 Sq. Foot Apartment is a Canvas to Showcase Art and Handloom Collected Over the Years

Pillars in living room

Pillars? Check.

Tussar paneled wardrobes? Check

Pattachitra painting? Check.

Is this a house or a museum? You’ll see.

I call Jyothika Baleri of Destination Designs the queen of ethnic design; and, with good reason. I’ve featured many…

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas for you to Copy. Bonus: They are also Super-Functional


red kitchen

I’m not a trained interior designer.


Wondering why this disclosure? Because I learnt the nuances while designing…

This Vadodara Apartment is Pampered in Luxury



Let us take a break from our minimal, modern interiors for some visual indulgence in this apartment in Vadodara. Designed by Studio 7 designs, it would be unfair to categorize the aesthetic of this sprawling apartment as traditional or contemporary; for, it checks all the boxes and…

Buying your first home? All you need to know about home loans.

Home interiors

Continuing with my series on financial awareness, this post is all you need to be wise about when and how to apply for home loans, take advantage of the movement in interest rates, and keep your spending in…