Home Tour: The Jains’ Upcycled 1,800 sq.ft home



Discarded plywood as rafters on the ceiling; cement base seating in the living with sparkling white cushions for comfort peppered with blue pillows; open kitchen with a vertical herb garden; white walls interspersed with cool blue, minty green and the warmness of red in right measures. Already dreaming of a vacation in some remote island off the coast of Spain or Mediterranean? Well, this teaser of an image is right here in Mumbai.

Welcome to the Jains’ upcycled home, as featured in the July issue of GoodHomes. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve drooled over these images and shown to every person who has a remote interest in interiors. This is the best home tour I’ve seen in a long time, and I hope you’d agree. If you’d like to read the full story, grab a copy.

My respect for the Jain’s and Sehool Kapashi is tremendous today because of the harmony seen in this home. As someone going though the process of designing our home currently, I understand what it takes to find the right designer, conveying your vision, for the designer to be able to appreciate and execute it is no mean task. And this, for one, is not a run-of-the-mill home. It stands out enough for us to take notice and cheer.


A shopping guide to Dastkar 2015

Dastkar is happening in town at Bangalore until 16th August at the Manpho Convention Center (next to Manyata Tech Park). This post is a riot of colors and an overload of images. So, grab a cup of chai and get ready to spend the next 30 mins immersed in these beautiful handicrafts, beaded jewelry, geometric rugs, block-printed handlooms, handcrafted pottery, silk saris and much more.

Most stalls were the regulars, some were missing, and some were new. All set?

Dastkar Bangalore


20+ potential apartments/villas to buy in Bangalore

This is the concluding part of the House Hunt series I started last year when we were in the market to look for new apartments/villas in East Bangalore. I reviewed a few homes we visited; it sparked a lot of enthusiasm among readers. But, it was taking forever for me to review one by one. So, I figured the easiest way would be to condense the over 30+ houses we must have seen in a single post with my comments. This should give a fair idea  of the houses in the market.

Before you read any further, here is a brief snapshot of the criteria for our shortlist:

  • Location: East Bangalore covering these areas: Sarjapur Road, Gunjur, Varthur Road, Outer Ring Road from Sarjapur to Hebbal, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Hoodi, ITPL Road, KR Puram, AECS Layout, Thubarahalli, Old Madras Road.
  • Budget: 1.0 cr to 1.6 cr.
  • Type: 3 BHK apartment or villa over 2,000 sq. ft with a large balcony or terrace area.
  • Accessibility: close proximity to schools in Varthur road, outer ring road or Whitefield.
  • Plan: plan had to appeal to us before we visited any place. Look at how to critique a house plan or the vaastu aspects I’m particular about.


Where to buy seeds and other gardening materials online in India?

Searching for seeds that have a good germination rate? Wondering where you can get that magic potion  known as panchagavya for your plants? How about soil, vermiculite, coco peat blocks, compost? Ever crossed your mind where you can find pomelo, strafruit seeds? And if someone can deliver all these home, you as a gardener would be on cloud nine.

I’m always on a quest to consolidate all the information I can when it comes to seeds and gardening materials. My little balcony garden has been pretty much dormant for the last four years for we get not even an hour of sunlight, thanks to tall Eucalyptus trees in the neighboring plot. First, I suspected the soil, then lack of nutrients, then the seeds. But, time and again, the tall, lanky seedlings assure me it’s the sunlight they are craving for. So, I just harvest them as micro greens.


Vaaso: Shop for block print furnishings

block print People are willing to go to great lengths to give their homes a unique look. Identical furniture, similar accessories have flooded the market. And the ease of buying them online means either your home looks like a page from a catalog or similar to dozens of other homes. Custom furnishings have the power to transform the looks of a home on a minimal budget while giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

This is what Vaaso does. I met the lovely ladies from Vaaso at Sampoorn Santhe held at Chitrakala Parishat a few weeks back. The stall stood out for its block printed fabrics in electrifying colors like fuchsia, cobalt blue. You know how some stalls draw the attention of passersby because there is someone bargaining hard and loud for something. That was the case here. There was this gentleman accompanied by his family bargaining hard for a block printed table lamp. Anyways, I was happy to have stopped by.


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