Come, let’s pick a poster bed

Poster bed

It’s time for some indulgence.

There are very few things that bring as much warmth and charm to a bedroom as a dark wood floor and a poster bed against a large floor-to-wall window draped in sheer curtains. It has an incredible, sensual effect on anyone who sees it…

Furnicheer on House Proud


Imagine these color combinations:

Fuchsia + Blue

Green + Mustard yellow

Now imagine a room with cushions draped in these colors, or furniture painted in these eclectic combinations.


Full of life? Absolutely.

Buy Curtains Online from Custom Furnish

In my previous post, I spoke at length about how I designed the wardrobes for our home using Custom Furnish’s Design from Scratch tool. After months of frustration of not making a good headway with the design, I was finally HAPPY with how it turned out; my little moments of happiness. The design of…

3 simple tools to design your home

Scared of 3D design software to design your home?
Struggling to find a way to communicate with your designer?
I hear you. I was in your shoes. Not too long ago.

In this post, I’m going to share three tools and a bunch of tricks to help you design your house and communicate effectively with your carpenter/designer. A…

Get upto speed: are you ready to meet an interior designer?

“Your house is made by its own needs. Those others are made by the need to impress. The determining motive of your house is in the house. The determining motive of the other is in the audience.”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Words of wisdom. It’s your home. Design…

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