For the love of Starfruit & Kawandi quilts

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Sometimes I marvel at the lengths we go to as parents. Starfruit, pomelo, pineapple, and orange take the coveted four spots in my son’s list of favorite fruits. There is a slight glitch here: the first two are not easily available, let alone taste. So I’m yet to figure out how they moved  up the ladder in his list of favorite fruits. I’ve had Pomelo as a child but didn’t see one for the next 20 years, until last summer. Starfruit, on the other hand, I saw for the first time at Hyper City (ridiculously priced) a couple of years back and then at Hyderabad.

There was a mini Malnad mela by Vanastree at Green Life, I’nagar on Friday/Saturday where they planned to sell starfruit candy, kokum candy among other things. But, for us, these were the star attractions. So, we went Friday evening taking in the evening showers. No, there was no starfruit candy as the showers seemed to have spoilt the harvest. I was looking for starfruit seeds, as well, which they didn’t have. The organizer told me you can actually grow starfruit trees by propagation. Anyways, I was in for a surprise as I spot Kawandi Quilts. They were beautiful, and wonder how much work goes in to piece together those colorful patches.

Kawandi quilts

kawandi quilts


GoodHomes July Issue: Ideas for every room

Whatever is well conceived is clearly said,
And the words to say it flow with ease. — Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux

I read this quote yesterday in context of why Satya Nadella needs an editor. Now, as I read the prologue from GoodHomes’ editor Ronitaa, I know what this quote means. What it means to write succinctly; how to convey emotions through words and let the reader visualize what it took to put this issue together.  She talks about the challenges she and her team faced this month while giving the magazine a new look. And boy, have they succeeded!

I enjoyed reading it; it’s visually appealing; as always, packed with tons of information over where to shop. On the flip side, I must admit the home tours featured earlier were something each one of us could relate to.

A few pages I LOVED:

Yellow is my favorite color this season…I associate it with freshness.


This is the second time within a week that I’m seeing a room decorated in black. When done right, there’s nothing that can beat its sophistication. The one I saw over the weekend had a four poster bed, black curtains with gilded tassels, silk soft furnishings, and a hard wood flooring. Zero accessories. And now, this one flips to the other side of the spectrum and goes for the rugged look. With black, you can either keep it sleek and modern, or pair it painted furniture and a weathered cabinet like this one.

black roon


Ikat, like so many things from good ole’ past, has found its way everywhere: from crockery and cushion to rugs and saris. This is your resource guide.



How to: Six ways to use leftover wood

Last Sunday evening, I was meandering through the bylanes of Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore after my quest to buy madeleine pans in Adams and cane baskets in the neighboring shops turned futile.  Anyways, not long after, I found myself at the Westside shop. I can never fathom the crowd their outlets attract anytime of the week, any day of the year. A friend gifted a beautiful golden lantern from their home division which is when I knew they sell that, too.

The home merchandise at the Commercial Street outlet is limited. But, my eyes fell on a beautiful wooden tray with a coir grip in the inlay handle..and the idea for this post was born!

Anyone who lives in their own house is sure to have leftover pieces of wood from all the woodwork occupying the precious inches of your floor space.  So, what do you with those? Years ago, the husband wanted to get a CD rack (nah, not even DVDs so you know which era I’m talking about) like the one he had seen in the movie Jhankaar Beats. And, we got this made.

cd rack


Or, you could make your own personalized nameplate.


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