Betina’s English Home Is A Crash Course in Bohemian Style

bohemian home

I got up this morning feeling a bit low. Quickly scanning my IG feed before getting started for the day, I…

This Magnificent 12,750 sq.ft Villa in Goa Could Be Yours


Money can indeed buy such magnificence. This five bedroom villa built on 7,750 sq.ft of land on the banks of Baga creek in Anjuna, North Goa is enveloped by paddy fields. The property is listed for sale on prime real estate site Saffron Art.

Landscapes gardens, palms swaying merrily to the sea breeze on all sides, a decorative pond, ceiling-to-floor…

This Fashionably Modern Curated Home in Bangalore Boasts of Distressed Furniture and Quirky Art

Distressed accent storage? Check.

Artwork curated online? Check.

A fine balance between functional and standout furniture? Check.

Living room

This 3-BHK home in Bangalore has all the points covered that makes a home fashionably modern with the bonus of not running around town to do up the home. This beautiful home with a touch of the vintage look was curated from the…

What’s growing in my terrace + balcony garden

Terrace garden

The brief showers during the summer did wonders to my terrace garden. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s growing in my garden now.

The whole inventory:

cherry tomato


Tomato – 5

Okra – 2, 1 guava, 3 tomato plants, 2 okra,

Bottle gourd – 1

Beans -4  (just planted), 1 guava, 3 tomato plants, 2 okra,


Your home is a blank canvas. Find out how to paint it with finds from across the country.

The summer heat has slipped into my sea of distant memory.

The famed Bangalore weather is back. Cloudy evenings. Heavy showers in the night that pave the way for clear skies, rainswept leaves on the Plumeria tree, sparkling clean pavement with no hint of dust from the enveloping construction, the heady fragrance of Jasmine flowers, the pleasant sight of…

Luxury in a box: Egyptian cotton sheets from Aplus linen

egyptian cotton sheets from aplus linen


What is it that you look forward to in a vacation?

No one is listening, you can be honest with yourselves. And if you would like to share, get the conversation going in the comments section.

It’s my turn now as I bare my priorities in front of all of you: a good hotel with…

Goa, not a summer destination? You are right. But, not if it is Coco Shambhala Goa.

Coco Shambala Goa

My goal is to create enough wealth through a responsible and sustainable model, to allow those who work to build up the business to retire with me. From a gardener and maid to a manager. – Giles Knapton in an interview with Grin on responsible tourism

It was this line in the interview that served as…

Friday Shopping: 5 online shops for affordable art

Blank white walls?

Thinking of hanging art work?

If you are a good procrastinator like me, years would go by before the blank wall comes to life. I wish someone would curate a list like this for me.

I have a confession to make. I have no clue how to buy art and am equally ignorant of famous artists. The only…

An upcycled apartment in Delhi by Design Concept Creative Studio


Design Concept Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Delhi. This upcycled studio apartment executed on a budget blew me away. From what you can see, the internal architecture is retained as is with exposed beams, rough plaster, windows of the 80s and open wiring.

The architect has elevated this space with clever recycling of everyday objects…

Friday Shopping: 5 chai pe charcha picks from Chopping Board

Naming your company after a mundane but quintessential thing like a chopping board is creative, and not the least bit tacky. I was intrigued by the name when an ad popped up on my IG feed, and I must admit I am not the least bit disappointed.

I love hosting informal, impromptu tea parties at home. Red Label Natural Care…

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