Are you looking for off-beat wall tiles for your home?

Staircase risers

In my last post on my quest for aqua blue wall tiles, I expressed my disappointment at none of the leading brands having a shade even remotely closer to this one.

Since then, we have visited numerous shops in Banaswadi, Marathahalli, Indira Nagar and Shivaji Nagar.  Who knew tiles such as this blue can be a exemplary, but least sought after one in the Indian market. I was told, time and again, by all the dealers that beige and brown were the preferred choices and often, the only choice. The rest simply never got sold. One exception was Nitco that has shades of dark green, brown and blue in matt finish. And, I actually liked them for the rustic look. The rugged surface tiles are actually floor tiles that can be used on walls as well. This is one thing you can keep in mind: floor tiles can be used for wall tiles, but not vice versa. But, I was sure that  I didn’t want  a matt finish with uneven surface as cleaning is tough, especially in a kitchen.

Red kitchen wall tiles Bangalore

A few readers were sweet and kind enough to point me in the right direction: custom handmade tiles. You know who you are; a heartfelt thank you for sharing the resources. So, here is the list if you are looking for off-beat tiles like I was; I just love each one of them because they are unique, classy, and have either the not-seen-before or ordinary-but-elusive thing about them:

1. Piccolo Mosaic available at Sandeep Ceramics, Banaswadi.

Piccolo handmade tiles

2. Keramos Tiles available at Vishnu Marketing, 100 feet Road, Indira Nagar. This place is worth a visit to look at the Keramos tiles and other glass tiles on display.

Mosaic tiles

3. Bharat Flooring

4. Elegant

Keramos tiles

I’m yet to visit the Stonarts.D showroom in Bangalore.

If you know of any more custom handmade tile companies in India and how to procure them in Bangalore, please do leave a comment.

Image courtesy:

1,5 – Keramos

2, 3 – Piccolo tiles.

4: BBC Good Homes June 2015 Issue

Home Tour: A Bandra Residence Designed by Arbaysis Ashley

I’ve featured a few designers in the past whose work we loved and appealed to our design sensibilities: decode, Kaizad Dinshaw, Ayaz Basrai. Today, let us tour a high-rise residence in Mumbai designed by yet another talented duo: the Ashleys. How often have you looked at a picture and wondered: is it paint or wallpaper, what material is that? This home tour is different because it describes in great detail the materials used: be it for the partition, the head board, the wall cladding etc.

The 800 sq feet space spread on the 16th floor at Bandra, Mumbai; is a 2BHK apartment that breaks open to the alluring vastness of the sea. The first meeting with this client was elated when they spelt out the brief saying “We want to design our house as the Company’s Signature Style.”  The sea, as we know, gives an Impression of vastness, meditative, yet so energetic. Our project design too speaks a similar style through its detailing in simplicity.


Under 30 minutes: How to transform your home to adorn a festive look

Can you transform the monochromatic look of your living room in under 30 minutes? Or, if you were looking to render a festive look to your home, how would you do it? All this, without spending a lot on repainting the walls, buying curtains, accessories, or make your credit card bill run into pages the next month?

A friend of my husband was visiting us last Saturday from Denmark. I decided to give the living room an ethnic touch. So, yes, it is very much possible to transform the look in a short window. You just need a ladder to reach the attic and dig out the brass goodies your mom gave for the wedding, or take out the silver stashed away in the hidden drawers. No kidding. This is exactly what I did, and of course, to bring in the color a  bit of shopping on Flipkart.

This is how the room looked before the transformation.

old look

I identified the shortcomings such as no color, barren walls, corner table too drab, no artifacts, and the table lamp not having any character. In short, there was a lot of room for improvement while still keeping the minimalist theme of the house. I didn’t want to clutter the space with stuff that we trip over each other.

Accessories such as cushion covers, candles, photos and plants are the quickest way to bring in a whiff of fresh air into a room. In this case, since it was an ethnic touch, I brought out the brass diyas as well.

So, I made a list of the elements that will bring about the transformation in a jiffy:


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