Friday Shopping: 5 picks for the home and garden

How is summer in your part of the town/world? Though we have moved just a few kilometers from our previous home, the heat is unbearable here. With a lush Eucalyptus cover, the previous home felt cool even in summers. Ofcourse, it came with its own disadvantages of not getting enough vitamin D. Today’s picks are…

House Hunt: Birla Apple Aroma


Continuing with the House Hunt series, today I review Birla Apple Aroma which is in the pre-launch stage. It is interesting to see how innovative builders are getting in the pre-launch phase to make it lucrative for buyers. This one caught my attention as the pre-launch of 48 units is done on auctions on Magicbricks.


Creating a statement piece of furniture with Asian Paints’ Wood Tech Studio

We finally moved into the new house. It’s been two weeks. This was the first weekend in months when we had some time (a few hours) on our hands with nothing to do. That was a strange feeling. After you’ve been running around tirelessly for months for everything from hinges and laminates to painting and…

Friday shopping: 5 canister picks for the kitchen

Surprised that Friday shopping is back? Oh well! I figured I might as well curate my shopping cart into a post since I spend so much time ogling through random stuff all day. I am in the process of discarding stuff right now and buying canisters/jars for the new kitchen.

On top of my shopping list…

LED Candles from Candè berg


Beautiful? Check.

Romantic? Check.

Instant uplift to any room? Check.

Messy? Not at all.

These are flameless LED tealight candles from Candè berg. There are 12 candles in a pack along with a decorative wrap that can be wrapped around the candles for added effect as you can see in the image above.

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