Buying your first home? All you need to know about home loans.

Home interiors

Continuing with my series on financial awareness, this post is all you need to be wise about when and how to apply for home loans, take advantage of the movement in interest rates, and keep your spending in…

A Travel-Inspired Apartment in Mumbai

View of living from dining

Imagine the vibe you get sitting on that pretty swing in the living room, dressed in soothing blues, overlooking the mill lands. I can feel the sand on my toes, the sound of the ocean, and gentle wind blowing through my hair caressing the face.

This 1,500…

I wasted two days to choose the right cushion covers for my black sofa. Blame this website!

OK, so I wanted to buy two pieces of 16*16 cushion covers online for my black sofa in the living room.

How tough can it be?

I went to Amazon as I usually do and looked for cushion covers in light…

11 Pooja Room Designs For Small Apartments

pooja room designs

This post is a compilation of 11 pooja room designs in wood and glass for small spaces and apartments. 

“Good art inspires; Good design motivates” – Otl Aicher

This quote sums up the idea behind this post. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape for a few…

How My Pinterest Traffic Grew by 350% to 732,228 Monthly Views in Less Than a Year

how to grow your pinterest followingI’m a numbers person. And a private person.

Over the years, since I…

Give Your Small Bathroom a Luxurious Vibe

Clutter free bathroom

Luxurious bathrooms don’t have to be spacious, expensive or branded. For a touch of opulence and a spa-like ambience, all you need is a combination of perfectly chosen design elements. Instead of spending a fortune, you can introduce details that will capture the essence of luxury,…

Insider Tip: 6 Awesome Shops to Buy Fabric in Mumbai

where to buy fabric in Mumbai

Where to shop for gorgeous fabric in Chennai on a shoestring budget” saw a tremendous response from you all. As a follow-up, we are going to Mumbai today for fabric shopping.

Changing the slip covers, cushion cover, and runners in…

Drape your bed with these sheets from Spaces to escape to the English countryside

I started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix this week. Six episodes down, I’m hooked.

For someone with a viewing history as varied as Narcos, McMafia, Person of Interest, and The Newsroom, I’ve surprised myself this time for being fascinated with this period drama. The subtle English humour delivered with deadpan expressions caught the fancy of even my 11-year old. He quipped, “How formal are these people making…

Alert! 5 things you should do before moving into a new home

Continuing with my series on finance and wellness, today I talk about five things that are a must before you move into your new home, for your safety and well-being. Sure, buying a sofa for the new house is more tangible than buying home…

Are you financially secure?

Today, I decided to take a break from pretty pictures and share with you all what I have learnt over the past year from my interactions with several women on how comfortable (or not!) they are discussing about money. Yes, it’s time for some reality check, and I sincerely hope this will motivate you to take a rain check as well.

I deliberated for weeks before…