23 ideas for changes in an under-construction home/apartment

Thank you Sreeraghavi for writing with a practical concern. I’m humbled by your request. Sreeragahavi, a reader of this blog, wrote to me in July with a practical query, something that all of us as home owners at one point or the other grapple with:
We have recently purchased a 1585 sqft apartment and it is in construction phase. I would love you to write a post about practical tips to be considered during construction of apartment. The smallest things which we miss during the construction and later regret of thinking about them during construction.
When I was doing the house hunt series, this was the topic I was going to address the next. Better late than never as I get back to the topic.
A few caveats before I begin: I’m no expert in architecture/interiors either by work experience or education. The suggestions you see here are what I have seen at homes of family and friends.
  • Plan for the appliances you intend to keep in the utility – drier, washing machine, dishwasher and position the inlet/outlet pipes accordingly. 
wooden partition


5 Ways To Revamp Your Bookcase

All you ever want to know is just a click away. Little wonder that encyclopedia companies have been struggling to stay afloat unless they have a cool digital version. And with most of us preferring to read a Kindle version or a clone, I find it a little strange that today’s post is centered around book cases. May be apt too for I don’t know how long they’ll last.  In a few generations, they may become antiquated treasures. This a guest post by Andrea.

Is your bookcase in need for a makeover?  Here are 5 simple and cost effective ways to update and make your bookcase look new again!

1. Refinish your bookcase- Maybe the color is looking dull or it doesn’t seem to coordinate with the room anymore.  Make that bookcase into the statement piece it once was or has the potential to be!  Whether your piece is solid wood or laminate, it will need to be sanded first, primed, and then painted.  To stain you will need to sand, stain, and lastly apply a varnish for extra protection.  If you have a metal bookcase you can spray paint it as shown below.


2. Wallpaper or Paint the back of the bookcase- The wallpaper can add texture and pattern to the space, not to mention everything on the bookcase will pop!

book case


Friday Shopping: 5 picks from Cooliyo

How are you all doing? Looking forward to the festive season?

Cooliyo has been a big distraction..minutes when I should rather be working were spent oomphing over trays and lamps. So much so that, I’m thinking of re-activating Chrome Nanny to work uninterrupted, and why it’s right to stay unplugged. You must read this beautiful piece by Pico Iyer: The Joy of Quiet.

But, Cooliyo, has been a good distraction; some of the products are so cool that they reminded me of Shopo. Since Shopo, no site has filled its void, and that’s a shame. I thought why not bring back Friday Shopping series for the sake of Cooliyo. With festivals around the corner, there couldn’t have been a better time.

Unlike Shopo where you could buy the products on the site, Cooliyo is a curated marketplace of products, that takes you to the seller’s site when you are interested in buying something (much like Voonik for clothing). Here are my picks; it was tough to be restrict it to five.

five picks

A few other random picks:

ludo tray

peacock tray

Now, you tell me, if the distraction was justified or not. Have a great weekend.

Image Courtesy:

1. Ballerinas for Rs.1100 at Buy n Brag

2. Rural charm Tray for Rs. 1099 @ Tungs10

3. Teal leaflet table lamp for Rs.3120 @Fabfurnish

4. Handloom banana fiber cushion cover for Rs.425 @ greenngood.com

5. Tree cut wooden coasters for Rs. 599 @Exclusivelane

6. Ludo tray for Rs.1999 @ tappu ki dukaan

7. Peacock tray for Rs.1800 from artnlight

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