Shop of the week: rangiru

How are you folks doing? The summer vacation is over and the kids are back to school. In a few weeks, it will also mean the end of summer and the beginning of a long wet haul.

With so many online shopping portals springing in and being featured on so many blogs, I wonder how many of you really shop for home decor products online? And, what do you generally buy – something you don’t find easily in brick-and-mortar stores? On an average, I get about five requests every week from various portals to be featured on “dress your home”.  As I understand, this is still a very niche segment with limited buyers.

Today, I’m featuring rangiru. The folks at rangiru did not ask to be featured; I just read about them in Economic Times, browsed their site and liked what I saw.  In their own words as stated in the about us page, “Rangiru is fusion of ‘Rang’ (which means “color” in Hindi) and “Ikiru” (a Japanese word, meaning ‘to live’). Thus Rangiru stands for colors to live for. We are on a mission to add colors to your life.”

The home page is a testimony to the colors. Not one product is dull and boring;  it breathes life and colors. The ones that are not colorful make up for the lack of colors through their quirky element.  The products by themselves do not stand out – it’s a rehash of the cushions, potlis, hand painted kettles with a fair mix of Happily Unmarried kinda products thrown in good measure.

These were my favorite picks. What did you like? Have a great weekend. See you Monday!

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All images are from rangiru.