Getting your house painted – Asian, Nerolac, Berger, or Surfa Coats?

Wall Paint options for interiors
Freshly painted walls have a welcoming and positive effect on a home.
There’s no research to suggest how often you should get your house painted. But, it’s good to give a space a fresh coat of paint once every four years.
Now, there are two kinds: a full job, and a coat. A full job is one where you scrape the entire surface, apply putty, and then paint. A new coat is where you apply two coats of paint assuming the primed surface is in great condition.
From a clean surface to unblocking energies, there are several benefits of painting your interiors every four years. When choosing which paint to go with, here are a few factors you may want to consider.
There are several paint brands available these days. But, the options narrow down to the big three in the Indian market: Asian Paints, Nerolac and Berger. I would also like to include Surfa Coats to this. It’s one of the best experiences I have had recently.
white paint
All of them offer a comprehensive painting solution unlike before when you had to hire a independent contractor. The downside was the risk the work will ever get completed to your liking, and if it did within the time frame.

Thanks to the Surprise your Spouse home makeover event, I had an alright experience with Asian Paints. When we painted our last apartment, I decided to get a quote from all the three and finally decided on Asian. As you can see, the most responsive was Nerolac in giving a quote while it was a cat and mouse chase with Asian Paints. But, I knew the quality of the work would be good comparatively so went with Asian. Pricing wise, the gap between Berger and Asian was huge. You can see a comparison of other factors below:

I received some amazing suggestions from you all regarding paint color.  White was my favorite for living and dining as everything stands out against a white background.

Updated in 2018

Fast forward to four years. The entire house is painted with Surfa Coats, and I highly recommend it now after living in the house for two years. The surface exudes a glossy look. It’s easy to wipe the surface of any dirt, and it’s pure white.

white interior paint

white interior paint