Gardening: How about ordering plants online?

In one of the past issues of Good Food, I read about two nurseries in New Delhi – Rajdhani nursery and Joginder nursery that offer good horticultural help. The plants looked a bit expensive ordering online than picking them in person. Delhi readers of this blog: have you had any experiences with these nurseries? If so, please share your experiences.

As you’ve seen time and again here, there is no dearth of herbs and vegetables that can be grown in balconies from basil, curry leaves and lemon grass to spinach, okra, chillies and tomatoes. The smile on your face when you spot the first flower and fruit yield every time is priceless; it has to be experienced. But, yes, contrary to what most magazines say that all your vegetable stock for your recipes will come from the balcony garden is not true. The produce is not enough to feed a family of three or four unless you have a terrace.  Is that going to stop you from planting vegetables? Of course, not, if you know the thrills of gardening, right? So, how about sharing some latest pictures of your garden.

Men at work in Joginder nursery filling the black seeding trays with selected seeds.

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