Shelving ideas: Floating shelves

A quick question: where are you reading this post from – your home office, work or slouching on the couch with your laptop?  Would you believe if I told you that I do most of the work from my dining table ? That’s right. Got to get my own reading corner in the house, so I was just thinking of some simple ideas. And, one seemed perfect.

There’s a small L shaped corner in the extra bedroom that fits in perfectly for the purpose. But, before I go there, I would like to ask you what’s the one thing you love the most about this picture  (sorry folks, the white dishes don’t count for an answer)? I know I know, I too LOVE them – anything white for that matter!

I like the floating shelves in natural wood. And I think this will work best above my desk – two open shelves, that is. What I have in mind is something like this or even plain shelf.

There are two ways (rather three) to get it done:

1. Get a carpenter to cut a plank of 4ft *1ft dimension and fix three screws at the back. I’m not sure if it will be able to take the weight or if it would need L angles.

2. If it doesn’t need L angles, I can do it myself and fit it in the wall. Saves some time of finding a carpenter for a small job.

3. Get it ready made and fix it. The only drawback with this option (other than it being expensive) is you wouldn’t get the wood stain of your choice. One place where I found something closest to what I have in mind is Fab Furnish. Surprisingly, Urban Ladder doesn’t have simple open shelves.

Image courtesy:

1. Herz Allerliebst for Decor8 via Apartment Therapy

2. Floating/Open Shelves

3. Floating shelf – FabFurnish