Question : Ikea-like Wooden Baskets for Storage in India?

I can’t get over these two pictures and I’m sure you’ll agree with me:

Stacked wooden baskets

Stacked wooden baskets

Under bed storage

Under-bed storage

I first spotted the open shelving for wooden boxes on Apartment Therapy two months back; and it’s remain etched in my memory ever since. I forgot to bookmark the link and believe it or not, I hunted for this post for three days. No exaggeration! That should explain why there was no post on Friday.

Most cities in India, except the ones in the South, have zero to minimal wood work done in homes. When I moved from Bangalore to Pune, from a fully-furnished apartment to a house with just walls, it was a harrowing experience. We lived out of boxes and eventually invested in two steel almirahs (what an eye sore!) and a wooden cupboard. The house was far from being elegant and remained a cluttered mess.

I look at these pictures and wonder what an inspiration it could have been. Wooden baskets are comparatively a cheaper way to add storage space for people on the move. Easy to maintain, move around, and stack with an open shelving system. Don’t these baskets also make for neat under bed storage?

Would any of you know where to get such square baskets in India?

Image courtesy:

1. ohdeedoh

2. re-nest