Study desk: which one would you buy?

“You really don’t need my expert opinion on this. 4 months? You got to be kidding me,” remarked my otherwise cool husband, literally throwing his hands up in despair. The topic of discussion was which study desk would suit my needs.  He was right. How is someone who works on a 16 inch*20 inch space supposed to know what someone who uses a dining table as a workspace would need (that would be me). And during the crazy months of March- June every year, even the dining table  is starved of space and I graduate to the queen size bed. But, the sorry state of affairs is for just those couple of months.

I know, I know even you all dear readers have been privy to this study desk discussion when I got the open shelves installed, way back in October. But, the truth is, I haven’t been able to find one that  appealed to my design sensibilities, aesthetics, and dimensions. They were either too big or too small. The dimension I wanted was 30 inches in height, 24 inches in width and 36 inches in length to fit in below these shelves.



The Poe study desk from Urban Ladder was the closest fit though it was a tad big for the space beneath but I went ahead and ordered it (picture coming soon). I’m not posting the picture now because I don’t want you to get biased. Once it got delivered, I find it hogging up way too much space which makes me wonder if buying furniture online is such a good thing?

But, on the other hand, the service from Urban Ladder is so extraordinary (guys, no I’m not affiliated to them and definitely not paid to write this) right from order through delivery that makes you want to believe you made the right decision in choosing the product even if you didn’t.  If not able to visualise a product in a room is the only handicap of online buying, I’m trying to think what can make it more user friendly? Anyways, so I have this Poe desk sitting majestically in one corner of the room.

My other options were Compact desk (husband’s suggestion) again from Urban Ladder

And this one from Fab Furnish

So now, I turn to you for advice. Which one would you have picked if one were to use just a laptop which would otherwise be used by a six year old?


Here are two pictures of the room with the Poe study table. Now, what do you think?