Can you help design Namratha’s study?

This post is different from the hundred other posts on this blog because it is about you all – the readers of “dress your home” who have kept it going for so long with your kind words of encouragement. Namratha, a reader, wrote to me about a fortnight ago asking for suggestions to do up her study room.

I could have replied as I usually do and not reached out to you. But, I felt this project is like a clean slate to begin with and a great platform for us to tap into our design sensibilities collectively, toss the ideas back and forth, and see what would work and why. So, I’m reaching out to you all to suggest how you can transform Namratha’s existing study into a more fun, efficient and functional space where work doesn’t seem like work (if you know what I mean).

I asked Namratha a few questions to better understand her requirements, the layout of the room and any special preferences for colors. This is what she had to say —

We haven’t done this room for last 6 years and now with a baby we are forced to redo stuff to meet her and our requirements. We have a temporary storage unit which I want to dispose right now. 
I the room, I want to create space for all the books in the house, for the computer and all its accessories like printer, scanner, fax, wires, wi-fi, papers etc..

The room measures 9.5 X 11.5 feet. Her daughter has a separate room, so she wants to use this room as a library and an office room. Eventually if she wants to use it, she can use the same room. So, nothing in specific for the kids. It just has to look more organized.

A desk and chair occupies one corner of the room.

As Namratha said, this storage unit will go away freeing up the floor space. She is not looking at dedicated book shelves. Partly open/partly closed should be good enough. The idea she has in mind is to build the whole wall with a cupboard, from the roof to the floor. All future requirement of books will also be taken care of. Do you think a wall to wall book shelf with a working space in the center would be a good idea, or should she make use of the window and place the desk overlooking it?

Please don your design caps and tell me how would you design it to suit your tastes. Never been this eager to see your creative responses :) To make it easier, how about leaving a link to a particular study you like in the comment section below? Or, if it’s even just  one part you like in a room like a study desk or a book shelf from a retail site, go ahead and let’s get the conversation started!

I’ll collate them along with a few more one week from now.

Image courtesy: Namratha