Good evening folks! Regular readers of Friday Shopping, you probably thought there was not going to be a post today, didn’t you! Well, you were almost right! I’ve just settled on the couch after a long day; dinner is done. But I owe it to you guys, so here I am with the picks I had in mind.

It’s a li’l too early to think of lights and candles, isn’t it? Diwali is a good two months away. But what the heck..I just saw a sign board that read, ‘”Do more of what makes you happy”. ┬áSo candles are going to rule this week and you are most welcome to join the party!

Today’s post is also a departure from what you see featured in this series. We are crossing geographies to include some goodies from international sites. Many, many years ago, while living in Chicago downtown, a new outlet of H&M opened at the end of the street where I lived – opposite the John Hancock tower. There was something about the store a friend from work and I liked that we would drop by often. It’s been a really long time since we’ve met but we fondly recall those ┬ámemories …

Now if you have a dozen design blogs on Feedly, I bet you have got your fair dose of H&M home range ever since they launched a few weeks ago. Since it’s H&M we are talking about, you can put up with a little more of goodness here, right?

1. Wall candle holder on FabFurnish for Rs.999

2. Copper candle holder for $ 7.95 ( via Design * Sponge)

3. Cutwork lamps – t light holders from The Purple Turtles

4. Shoji paper lamps from The Purple Turtles

5. 2 pack candles from H&M home for $3.95

On another note, The Bungalow 8 sale caught my eye. I’ll sign off now and settle comfortably on the couch again for some vigorous session of channel surfing :) You all have a good night!






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