Are you ready for Deepavali? (Sssh…and a giveaway!)

Exhausted? From the shopping, cleaning, and everything that comes with Diwali. Given the crowds, traffic, and a quadrillion(it’s a number, I didn’t make it up!) similar things with different labels,  gone are the days when shopping was a pleasant experience. Well, don’t be. It’s time to be happy with the family and not go into an overdrive that leaves you exhausted before the festivities begin.

If  you’re still looking to get your home ready in the next couple of days, here’s a quick checklist for a spotless home to get you going. And, of course, the bathroom in less than 30 minutes. It has worked for me and I bet it will for you too. the only change I did this time around was to use Cif for the bathroom floors; it’s worked wonders with minimum effort.

Diwali lights decor

Zansaar is sponsoring this awesome tea light holder with golden print on a turquoise base.

Zansaar giveaway: turquoise tea light holder

How to participate in this contest:

1. Choose three products from Zansaar you think will complement this tea light holder. For instance, it could be a table setting, in the kitchen..anything that comes to your creative mind.

2. Leave a comment here with links to the three products stating why.

3. I bet you were looking for the “like” the “dress your home” page on Facebook rule? Weren’t you? there’s no such rule. I know you would if you really like this blog.

4. Contest ends: 6th November , 2013

5. The contest is open to Indian residents only.

Oh, btw, did you guys check out my post on the Portico Fashion @ Home blog.

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