Discover the connection between baskets and Ms. Alamuddin


First off, thank you. You’ve been very patient with my journey of discovering baskets. I’m in basket heaven. It’s not as if I set out on a mission to Mars, but the baskets were elusive until now. Except for Shivaji Nagar, I looked here, I looked there but found them nowhere in Bangalore.But, found them here in U.S. So, the baskets do deserve a grand reception now that they are in my possession. Oh, and you know what, they are as pretty as Ms. Alamuddin. Forget the baskets for a minute; you do agree that she is gorgeous, right?

Will you find it hard to believe if I told you I was salivating at the sight of baskets at the Ikea store? It went to a totally different level when there were more of them weaved using different materials, more sturdy, and more pretty at TJ Maxx.


The only advantage Ikea scores over the rest is the baskets are foldable making transportation easier, or rather possible.

folded baskets

This one looked really classy. I bought a couple of ones you see to the right in the picture below.


The ones at TJ Maxx/Home Goods:


What  I was looking for:

  • hand-woven baskets made of banana leaf, sea grass,willow, or any natural fiber. No plastic.
  • rectangular baskets of a specific dimension:  12″W x10″D x 10″H
  • handles to hold on two sides
  • since they are made of natural materials,  coated to prevent mold
  • foldable
  • a sturdy frame

More resources on where to buy relatively inexpensive but gorgeous baskets in the US:

World Market

TJ Maxx/Home Goods – I’m told they are often on clearance, and you get great deals. Even otherwise, I found them better as compared to Ikea.

Hobby Lobby


Macy’s – expensive ones such as Whitmor baskets. I’m not sure if they ever go on sale.

You ought to see the listing on Domino for its variety. The Gigi, Hyacinth, and Handle baskets are my favorites. Which ones do you like?

Local folks: it would be great if you can contribute with more resources since I’m only visiting, and the places I’ve been to are limited.

Image courtesy: taken by me at Ikea and TJ Maxx