Where to buy seeds and other gardening materials online in India?

Searching for seeds that have a good germination rate? Wondering where you can get that magic potion  known as panchagavya for your plants? How about soil, vermiculite, coco peat blocks, compost? Ever crossed your mind where you can find pomelo, strafruit seeds? And if someone can deliver all these home, you as a gardener would be on cloud nine.

I’m always on a quest to consolidate all the information I can when it comes to seeds and gardening materials. My little balcony garden has been pretty much dormant for the last four years for we get not even an hour of sunlight, thanks to tall Eucalyptus trees in the neighboring plot. First, I suspected the soil, then lack of nutrients, then the seeds. But, time and again, the tall, lanky seedlings assure me it’s the sunlight they are craving for. So, I just harvest them as micro greens.

I hope you find this list useful. I have shopped from some and have had great experiences. Every six months, when I visit my in-laws in the village, I get seeds from there as well and found those to have good germination rate.

This is not a sponsored list. So, please do your own research before buying from any of them.



Garden Guru

Purna Organics (they have black carrots)


Exotic Flora (dragon fruit seeds available)

Gamlaa (spiral bamboo available)

Organic Garten

Grow bags:

Organic Garten



Panchagavya: GreenMyLife

Railing Planters:


Trust Basket

Green Essence


Other accessories and planters:

Green Carpet

Green frame and easy planters (kind of self-watering containers)

Himmel Greens

Self watering bins also at Green Tech Life (at the time of writing this post, the site wasn’t loading properly)

Landscaping Services:

Green Essence

Jeevan Bhima Nagar Nursery

Composting bins:

Green Tech Life

If there are any other resources you have tried, please leave a comment and I’ll update the list.