Poster bed

It’s time for some indulgence.

There are very few things that bring as much warmth and charm to a bedroom as a dark wood floor and a poster bed against a large floor-to-wall window draped in sheer curtains. It has an incredible, sensual effect on anyone who sees it for the first time. The poster bed is the oomph factor of a room that stands out magnificently no matter how much drama is going on around it.

poster bed draped in florals

In the South, where I grew up, ┬áposter beds are hard to come by. I can’t remember the first time I saw it; it must have been only in the last decade or so. And in my ignorance, I always thought their primary objective to was to tie a mosquito net. Little did I know there was this magic piece of furniture with the power to transform a room.

Given a choice, which one of the following poster beds would you pick for your bedroom?

Poster bed from Pepper Fry

Poster bed from Urban Ladder

Poster bed from Insaraf

Poster bed from Insaraf

Help me decide. Which one do you like?

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Poster charm

Holiday inspired poster bed from House to Home via An Indian Summer

King size Poster Bed by Woodsworth

Georgia poster bed from Urban Ladder

Solid Wood Poster Capital Bed from Insaraf

Solid Wood Poster Bed Contrast from Insaraf




  1. Second last is good if you like to buy lighter in colour and third last is good if you would like to buy dark in colour Bed

  2. laksh

    Thanks Brij. Like your choice :) It’s a combination of what we like, too.

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