Do touches of pink up the oomph quotient of a room? See for yourself.





All variants of shades of pink. After mustard last week, I’m drawn towards this glamorous color. Blame it on the bougainvilleas all around. This color is so pronounced that it can stand its own ground or accentuate the presence of others like gray. When I was looking for homes that celebrate this color, little did I realize that my living and dining make a bold statement in pink themselves!

This room has hues of pink and orange throws, pillows, seating and a comforter. It is not overwhelming at all because the abundance of white on walls on bedcover neutralizes it. This is one brilliant example of usage of just two colors and how to do it right.

fuchsia pink room

Sometimes, you don’t have to go the entire mile to make a color statement. A few carefully chosen accents such as a wall, an artwork, flowers, a chair or a little something will make the picture perfect. The choices are endless.


fuchsia artwork

pink flowers

pink wall

ethnic table setting

Image courtesy:

  1. Better Homes and Gardens via Home Canvas