Textile heavy studio room

So if you were to choose just one accessory to decorate your home with, that you had the liberty of changing any number of times, what would it be?

I’m leaning towards textiles going by the above picture. New Orleans based designer, Alyse Rodriguez, shows us how versatile furnishings are in infusing color, bringing life to a room, and in changing its mood in a jiffy. Against a white backdrop, I feel the room in its various avatars is conversing with you. The kilim and African patterned cushions in vivid colors are designed by Alyse.

Bohemian? Eclectic? Call it what you like. To me, Alyse’s abode comes across as a form of self-expression and uninhibited color flow that is well balanced with its surroundings. A clever mix of natural materials such as wood complemented by greens completes the picture. It is easy to get carried away in such an onslaught of colors, but it takes finesse and trained eyes to choose and position the right furniture on which the pillows can create the drama.

White room - boho textiles

studio room - bohemian textiles

patterened cushions

living room textiles

One of my favorite parts is her studio in this aged building.

mid century studio in new orleans

It’s hard to pick a favorite. But, doesn’t this image of the living make you want to sink into that white sofa?

colorful cushions and pillows

indigo and kilim textiles


living room cushions

colorful cushions



Image Courtesy: Alyse Studios

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