Readers’ Choice: Here are the top five homes you loved in 2017.

It’s that time of the year to recap. You know, best of everything.  Let me start with a few numbers.

71 – the number of posts published this year, and by far the most active year on dress your home.

21. That’s the number of homes featured on the blog this year.

It would be nice to reminisce and refresh the memory of some beautiful homes that tickled our imagination and inspired us in ways to deck a corner of our homes. Here are the top five homes that you all liked the most going by the views,  comments here and interactions on Facebook. You can access the full home tours in the links below.

#5: Corners of my home

#4: Snigdha’s Gurgaon home decorated with finds from FabIndia


Snigdha's home

Image courtesy: Snigdha

#3: A modern, curated home in Bangalore

bangalore home

bangalore home

Image: deCoDe architecture

#2: A sophisticated apartment in Hyderabad where contemporary meets tradition

Unnati Pingle

Unnati Pingle

Image courtesy: Unnati Pingle

#1: Neha and Gaurav’s showstealer apartment is a riot of colors

Image: Neha, LSDA