Water-based paints makes painting a house no more a headache

Painting a house can be a nightmare. Strong odor, head ache, dust, throat infection are some of the things we associate with painting the interiors of a home. It’s one of those things we like to postpone as much as we can for the sheer hard work involved. In India, though, it is a relatively easy job as one contracts the entire scraping-painting-cleaning process.

My perception of painting changed dramatically last month when we got my parents’ 1350-sq-ft apartment painted while living in it.  The ceiling and walls were done up in new colors and the house got a new look in two days. Apart from the discomfort due to scattered furniture and restricted movement inside the house, it was a pleasant experience. Thanks to the odorless emulsion range from Asian Paints.

Our contractor suggested we go with Royale Luxury Emulsion as it is odorless and gives a satin finish. I’m glad we took his advice. Royale Emulsion is at least 30% costlier but it is money well spent. The shine and silky finish is evident. What appealed the most to me was that it is water-based. In simple terms, you can thin the paint with water and need not use a thinner that most oil-based paints require. Since it’s not oil-based, cleaning is easy too and the floors don’t get clumsy.  All you need is a piece of wet cloth to remove the stray paint. The emulsion for the doors and windows is also water-based.

The new look  (excuse the clutter) :

Dining Room

Dining Room

This shade is called Mango Mood. As it’s water-based, you don’t have a wide choice of colors to choose from. Royale Emulsion is applied using a brush instead of a roller to get that satin finish. If you’re game, get a liter of paint and re-do your study. It will be a fun weekend project.