Top 4 Container Gardening Blogs

Who doesn’t love a green, blooming balcony? There are hundreds of blogs that list tips and tricks to bring the picture-perfect image to your balcony. But, we all know it takes a lot more than pictures to sow and harvest herbs on a windowsill.  I’ve just spent hours sifting through scores of urban gardening blogs to find a few that are helpful to novice gardeners.

My motive was to dig out blogs by urban Indian gardeners, but I was successful in finding only two that fit my criteria – frequency of updates, pictures,  and well-documented steps and conducive conditions for growing plants.

Geek Gardener – is replete with information on container gardening and various varieties of vegetables to grow in a particular month in India.  Despite the low frequency of posts, Geek Gardener is an excellent resource for growing vegetables in a tropical climate. Every post has pictures of plants at very stage from sowing to saplings and flowering to finally, harvesting the produce. The pictures are like a step-by-step guide for a novice gardener.



The Urban Gardener: Sunita’s obsession with greens is evident from her blog, The Urban Gardener. The site has a good mix of vegetables and flowering plants. I’m slightly biased towards sites with pictures as this is a hobby that is visually motivating. The Urban Gardener ranks high in the “good pictures” area.

Sunset: An unusual entry for a blog list. But what we do without this site and its encouraging how-tos. If you’ve not heard of Sunset magazine before, then I swear, you’ve missed something in life. Just kidding :) Stop reading and hop over to the site!

Life on the Balcony: I’ve saved the best for the last. Though Fern Richardson lives in southern California, there is a lot to learn from her blog for urban gardeners in India. A blog with a professional look, good categorization, easy navigability, and above all, frequently updated, makes it a must-have in your Reader.

Veggies to grow this season

Veggies to grow this season

If you are keen what the rest of the world grows through the year, here are a few of my favorites:

Japanese Gardener for the enticing look of veggies.

Singapore Plants Lover for the colourful flowers and novel containers

Totally Inept Balcony Gardener for the yellow lemons, blooms and creepers

If you have been reading a gardening blog for a while now and find it useful, please leave a link in the comments section for others to benefit.

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Zucchini – Geek Gardener

Veggies – Life on the Balcony