Bathroom Renovation: How much does it cost?

In continuation of yesterday’s discussion on replacing floor tiles in a bathroom, let’s estimate how much it will cost.

For a modest bathroom of size 6 ft * 7 ft, here’s the estimate for replacing tiles:

Labor charges for removing the existing tiles: Rs.15 per sq.ft (Hometown cost)

Renting a machine for tile tile removal: Rs. 500. If you are hiring a individual contractor, then he may charge you for renting the machine needed to remove the tiles.

Tile cost : Roughly around Rs. 1000 – 3600 for 3 boxes of 1*1 feet tiles. The starting price of a good tile is Rs. 22-23 per piece or sq.ft. while the average price of a good anti-skid tile is Rs. 42. 1 sq. ft tiles are available from Rs.22 to Rs. 80. The price goes up for a large tile from Rs.80 to Rs.150. Brands include Kajaria, Bell, Somany, and Nitco to name a few.

Labor cost for installing the tiles: Rs. 40 per sq.ft. The minimum area for laying should be Rs.150 sq.ft for HomeTown.

Time to complete the work : 3-4 days.

Total cost: Under Rs.10,000.

If you’d like to replace the commode as well along with the tiles, then a white CERA one costs around Rs. 6500. For colored ones, the cost increases like Rs.7000 for a cream one. Parryware is at least 10% more expensive than a CERA one.