Colorful Lamps from Turkey

There’s a shop around the corner where my parents live. It’s a plain, white-colored, non-descript building that houses many Indian and Pakistan antique and handicraft shops. But the one on the corner stood out. Every time we passed by that route, I would longingly gaze into the shop for all its colors and variety displayed on the windowsill. Then one day, I went in and regretted why I hadn’t been here before.It’s one of a kind that you fall in love the first time and long to go again and again. Colors have that kind of a magic over me.

The store is called Pleasant Home and it’s in Adliya, Bahrain. The shop has  a wide range of lamps from Turkey, Syria and Iran. Apart from this, one can find quirky items like a old water boiler from Russia with inscriptions in Russia dating back to the 1800s, traditional Arabic incense holders, and dishware called Tajine. So, are you ready for a virtual tour as I take you through the magical world of Turkish and Syrian lamps?

On a closer look, you’ll see these lamps can either be hung from the ceiling or on walls with clamps. Very delicately done with pieces of colored mirrors.

The colorful pots are called Tajine. It is a Moroccan dish named after the pot it is cooked and served in. If the dishware is so pretty, I wonder how yummy the food must be? The whole region is known for its ceramic ware.

People have a strong penchant for perfumes here and I should add the scent is quite overpowering. Traditionally, it’s stored in holders such as these with distinctive shapes.

These are styled very similar to our Jharokhas..though not sure what it’s called there. Look at the fine carvings and intricate designs in metal and wood.

This magnificent center lighting piece was among my favorites. It’s quite huge and falls down in gradual layers. Would be a stunning addition to a dining area.

If you are wondering, how these would look in a room, watch out for the next post. I’ll take you through a house tour that has some of these colorful Turkish lamps.