Store Profile: Bamboo Canopy, Ahmedabad

Are you a green, eco-friendly person? I know, what a dumb question – who is not these days?  If you like bamboo, then you’ll love this post for having discovered Rebecca Reubens. Seriously, the moment I discovered Rebecca’s work, I was floored and wondered how on earth could I not have heard of her before.

Rebecca runs a store called Bamboo Canopy in Ahmedabad.  The store carries sustainable products designed by Rhizome, which she founded in 2009. So, how did it all began? Not one fine day in a single aha moment. After being associated  for 7 years in the international development sector with the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan coordinating projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America, she decided to pursue her PhD to assess the market and feasibility of selling sustainable design in a more organized manner.

Rebecca says the response for bamboo products has been overwhelming so much so that they cannot meet demand with the current infratructure and are in a expansion mode. She is proud to have broke even within six months. Currently, products are primarily retailed through Bamboo Canopy and other outlets such as Dhoop in Mumbai, Good Earth and TRIFED.

It’s time to delve straight into the pictures. So shall we?

Rebecca says the store is housed in a beautiful, spacious bungalow in Ahmedabad. The lovely surroundings definitely shows in the pictures.

Let’s start at the begining – entrance of the store.

A peek inside from the store window. Can you spot those bookends?

Now, whoever thought of painting the backdrop wall in pink had a flash of inspiration – brilliant! In the pink excitement, don’t miss out on noticing the baskets and storage boxes. The picture above is a powerhouse of ideas for storage and organizing.

You may have the best products in the world but without proper organization, display it  will fail to garner attention. That’s where Bamboo Canopy scores high. The store decor, wall color, bright color of furniture and earthen tiles blends seamlessly with the surroundings. Notice the amount of open space and greenery outside.

Rebecca counts the bottle lamps among her favorite creations; these are inspired by a tradition in Congo.

Image courtesy:

Bamboo Canopy through Rebecca Reubens

You can e-mail Rebecca at for custom requests.