Balcony Garden: Accessories to Spruce up your Hangout

Everyone has a favorite corner in their house; a place where you’d like to unwind, go to the first thing in the morning, sip a cup of tea in the evening, or spread the morning newspaper with breakfast on Sunday mornings . My sanctuary is my balcony garden. What’s yours?

It’s only natural that I’m constantly thinking of ways to spruce my hangout. There have been some new additions to the balcony.

It’s actually a wooden plant holder with a rugged look that I used to store brushes for painting the pots.

I love hanging pots but never had one. We got two wrought iron holders with butterfly design. The plant has grown rapidly since this picture was taken. Every day there are about 20-25 flowers and it’s a pretty sight.

Next I would like to get two rattan chairs with colorful cushions and a tea table. Got any ideas to glamorize the garden?