Where to Buy Plants in Kolkata: Green Mall

Do we have any readers from Kolkata here? During a trip to a interior village in West Bengal, we stopped over in the city for a night. Flipping through the pages of a daily, I came across an ad for Green Mall that piqued my interest. Going over their website, I’m pleased to have discovered.

Is there someone here who buys plants and other accessories regularly from the place? I wish there was something like that in Bangalore. The place is a nursery-cum-restaurant that houses about 2,500 types of indoor and outdoor plants – a treat to any gardener. Yes, you read it right. 2,500. I’m drooling over the images and wish I had the time to drop in for a lunch and some garden shopping.

For folks like me, who don’t live in the city, I think we can benefit from the site by looking at the categorization of plants and picking ideas for house plants and plants that thrive well in semi-shade.

Image courtesy: Green Mall

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