Gardening: Plant some vegetables and flowering shrubs

Tending to balcony garden has been long overdue. I lost some plants this summer to pests including my favorite orange hibiscus which has flowered maniacally over the past two years. Sometimes, the white sticky pest you see on these plants come from the neighboring infected ones or there could be something wrong with the soil itself. In this case, it came from the adjacent white hibiscus.

It was a busy gardening day yesterday. Got half a dozen plants from the Jeevan Bhima Nagar nursery. If you haven’t been in a while, it’s a good time to drop by as the nursery is well stocked with flowering plants, edible herbs and vegetables. I picked a 7-layered scented jasmine, large red hybrid hibiscus, Ixora red,  okra/ladies finger/bhindi, hilli, and tulsi. Repotted them myself so it was quite some task but loved every bit of it. Redecorating the balcony is in store over thenext few weeks. So stay tuned..meanwhile I leave you with images of the new plants..

See you Monday!

Image courtesy:

Chilli – (missyredboots)

Garlic Chives (slideshowmom)