Afday: a new online Indian handicraft store

For people in love with ethnic handlooms and Indian handicrafts, here is the truth: no matter how many exhibitions come and go, or how many new shops spring in town, you always yearn for more.  I’m like that. Are you? Even if they carry the same stuff, my heart skips a beat when I see something I like. This black pottery, for instance. I picked up a set of Longpi pottery mugs only 4 days back at the Dastkar exhibition in Bangalore. And you all know, how big a pottery fanatic I am. Yet, when this was the first picture I saw on afday, I felt like exploring more.

A friend wrote about afday, which stands for art for everyday, on Facebook. That’s how I got to know about it. It’s, what shall I say, the new destination on the design sphere to appease our senses.

Image courtesy: afday

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