Your apartment for sale? Style it to get a better deal

Interest rates are soaring. Cost of apartments skyrocketing in Bangalore. Are you planning to move into a bigger house, a villa perhaps, or a 3 BHK one from a 2 BHK, or one with better amenities and closer to work?

Finding a right buyer at the right price at the right time for your current home before deciding on the new one is a common catch-22 situation. So, how can you stage your house to get the desired price?

Make the new buyer fall in love with your home. How? Make it spacious and airy. There is not a single soul on this planet who doesn’t love a sunny, bright, airy house that feels like you were in a football field, no matter how small. The transformation is simple. Go over some instant styling to create a magical feeling. So much so that you will start loving.  Get inspired by the transformations below to change the look of your home.

The accent wall is a brilliant idea if you are living in. It’s tough t predict the choice of a buyer – for all you know, the bright color may be a big turn off, or just not their favorite. So play it safe with white and bring in the air.

What does this image of fresh fruits and sweets evoke in your mind? Happiness? Satisfaction? At least for me, yes. It’s a reminder of how blessed we are and all the happy things in life. So yes, include offbeat styling such as this as well to make your house someone else’s dream home.

Key takeaways:

1. Paint the walls white, or in a neutral color palette that enhances the illusion of space.

2. Clear the clutter. Put away the magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, menu cards and stray bills.

3. Organize the kid’s room. Arrange the toys, books, board games etc.

4. Ensure there are no cobwebs.

5. Don’t have too many artefacts on display. Make it as bare as you can. This will help the buyers visualise how their stuff will fit in and imagine them living here.

6. Even the bedspreads matter. Style your mattresses inf floral, soft tones in lighter shades.

7. Move the pots aside.  Create a free corner spaces and uninhibited movement around the house.

For more offbeat styling ideas, hop over to April and May styling blog. You can find more of before and after transformations on the homestagers site.

Image courtesy:

1,2,3 – Homestagers

4 – Photographer Mark Eden Schooley via April and May