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Vastrabharana: decoding the shopping experience

Cacophony of color and voices.


Women dressed in their elegant best.

Where it feels like an over-sized FabIndia showroom.

Where new-age khadi and linen fabrics overshadow kanjivaram and banarasi sarees.

That pretty much sums up my first day experience at Vastrabharana: the handloom exhibition organized by Crafts Council of Karnataka. It is an annual exhibition that happens in the last week/first week of September/October. One for…

A shopping guide to Dastkar 2015

Dastkar is happening in town at Bangalore until 16th August at the Manpho Convention Center (next to Manyata Tech Park). This post is a riot of colors and an overload of images. So, grab a cup of chai and get ready to spend the next 30 mins immersed in these beautiful handicrafts, beaded jewelry, geometric rugs, block-printed handlooms, handcrafted pottery, silk saris and much more.

Vaaso: Shop for block print furnishings

block print People are willing to go to great lengths to give their homes a unique look. Identical furniture, similar accessories have flooded the market. And the ease of buying them online means either your home looks like a page from a catalog or similar to dozens of other homes. Custom furnishings have the power to transform the looks of a home on…

Craftmark: Hand-made in India

If there are two craft organisations I would love to have in Bangalore, then they have to be Craftmark and Dastkar. Dastkar, at least, has an annual exhibition in Bangalore. You know how it is – you are quickly scrolling through dozens of posts on FB (I returned after a long hiatus), and there are certain pictures that stand out. And then, it happens again after a few…

Dastkar 2014 @ Bangalore: a riot of colors

Tucked away in a muddy bylane was a colorful tent. It was a cloudy day today in B’lore which later gave away to unpleasant sunshine;  at the colorful grounds were hundreds of artisans gathered from around the country.  Neatly lined up in three rows, their awesome creations were on display. It being a working day, the crowd was thin but for a regular, enthusiastic bunch who knew…

For the love of Starfruit & Kawandi quilts

green life

Sometimes I marvel at the lengths we go to as parents. Starfruit, pomelo, pineapple, and orange take the coveted four spots in my son’s list of favorite fruits. There is a slight glitch here: the first two are not easily available, let alone taste. So I’m yet to figure out how they moved  up the ladder in his list of…

Flowers & Origami

There are two things on his mind all day: origami and games. Well, add Charlie Brown of Peanuts, and make it three. Good grief! There was a time — not so long ago, like two months ago —  when every nook and cranny in the house had bits and pieces of paper and out popped an airplane of all shapes and sizes from the couch, dining table….

Farmer’s Market at The Yoga House

It was 10:50  a.m. Sunday morning. The phone made a faint noise; a very unfamiliar one to me.  It turned out to be a event alert. You see I don’t usually mark my calendar for any meeting, let alone a trip to the Farmer’s Market. But I must have anticipated the exhaustion.

We returned from Ahmedabad past midnight on Saturday; as expected it was one long, wet exhausting trip….

Sampoorn Santhe 2013 – a craft fair you wouldn’t want to miss!

Sampoorn Santhe, organized by Sampoorn, is currently being held at Chitra Kala Parishath. Bangalore is a treat for craft lovers. Last week, I went to the half-yearly Kala Madhyam held at Basava Bhavan (you didn’t miss anything as the show was a flop!) .  So, I was not enthusiastic about Sampoorn Santhe but still found myself there yesterday morning with the camera in tow and grey skies…

Rajasthan Grameen Mela @ Chitra Kala Parishath

Good morning! Hope you’ve got a great start to the week. Yesterday morning, I went to the Rajasthan Grameen exhibition at Chitra Kala Parishath. The mela has been on since March 3rd and yesterday was the last day. The crowd was thin and so were the stalls. Apart from the usual suspects like the jharokha, kantha worked fabrics, beaded jewellery, dye prints and blue pottery, there were…

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