A clutter free home results in a clutter free mind.

Day 1: Clean master bedroom closet

Ready for Day 1 of the 30-minute Diwali cleaning challenge?

Today, we start with the master bedroom closet. Closets can be a  pleasure to watch the day they are cleaned and a nightmare on days when they resemble a dump yard. Depending on how many clothes you have, how big your closet is  and when was the last time you cleaned, this activity can either take…

Diwali 30-minute cleaning challenge: how to get a sparkling clean home in 30 minutes a day for 15 days

Out with the old, in with the new.

Isn’t that what Diwali is about?

The festive season also sends many households into a cleaning frenzy. This was all new to me until I saw an adorable North Indian family that lived downstairs turn the house upside down over a week of Diwali cleaning: that’s where I learned about this ritual and even though we don’t do clean…

1 Awesome Cleaning Habit to Keep Your House Clutter Free

Wondering if I missed a digit in the headline? Should it have been 10 cleaning habits or 11? No, you read it right. This one habit I came across in a list a few days ago has transformed my life for the better, and it’s only right that I share it with you all.

I subscribed to Elle Decor’s feed on Facebook and often find their…

Bringing the shine back to our Ganesha

sleeping ganesha

I have taken off a few days from work. This break has been good, rejuvenating, and most importantly, given me the time to work on several home projects that I had put off for years. So every day, I have been working on a home improvement project; it’s…

Cleaning tip: How to sparkle your bathroom faucets with one ingredient

Hard water.

Lime scales.

That’s the hard fact. Be it in Bangalore, or anywhere in India.

More often than not, the task or obsession of keeping the taps sparkling clean falls on me. House helps are not obsessed about it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a clean bathroom.

Over the years, I have learnt one secret and one ingredient that works wonders. Ready to know?

The best part is it…

Organizing Ideas To Steal for Your Kitchen from Ikea Stores

There were two store tours on my list, and I chose Ikea. You’ve read about the baskets before.

Who doesn’t love Ikea, and who doesn’t like affordable storage solutions? I’d never been to an Ikea store before, so it was on top of my list during last month’s visit to U.S. I happened to visit two Ikea stores. Not such a big fan of their…

Have you seen the Kitchen Organizing Bible yet?

For the amount of praise that’s going to come Good Homes’ way, it’s only fair that I begin this post with a caveat: this is neither a sponsored post nor am I associated in any way with BBC Good Homes. Now, tell me, have you run through the March edition of Good Homes? Yes? You beat me to it :( If not, do it now. I…

Baskets, baskets, why are you so elusive?


This has to be the longest search ever for baskets. From @ Home to Hyper City and M.K. Retail to Total and Safina Plaza (in the hope there may be some exhibition) to FabIndia, I’ve been everywhere. And still looking.

Total, Hyper City and M.K. Retail all carry the same…

Tip: Make your flowers stay fresh longer!

Can you guess how old these flowers are?

Four days. Yep, four days. And, will last probably for another three days going by last two weeks’ experience. Want to know the trick? The resident florist (read: the husband) buys me fresh flowers every week, or let’s just…

Organizing: How do you store and use kitchen appliances with ease?

Do you look for additional muscle power every time you have to make dosa batter? I mean to take out the grinder from the bottom shelf, or is it perched on your countertop conveniently (great for use but not easy on the eye, right?) ?

As much as we would like to use ammi, kalloral (read: food mill, mortar and pestle), they’ve given way to juicer,…