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How to paint furniture, a wall, a basket.

Before and After: I Painted This 15-year-old cabinet To Give It a Vintage Touch


We bought this wooden cabinet as a multipurpose storage unit to store footwear, newspaper, and odd hardware tools. This was one of our first purchases after we moved into our first home. To be honest, I had zero understanding of decorating,…

DIY: A Plastic Planter Gets a Fancy Makeover

Planter makeover

The DIY bug has bit me. The itch to do something around the house lies dormant in action with ideas just swarming in the head all the time. But, when it gets active, there’s no stopping. I like it this way because projects that should have…

Wall Painting: How Not to Spend A Fortune On Texture/Special Effects

You know this is the busiest time of the year for paint companies with chock-a-block calendar? This is when most people give their walls a fresh lease of paint before the festive and wedding season begins. The most popular posts on this blog – on Asian Paints and Surprise your Spouse have been trending for the past two months.

A special effects (textured paint)…

DIY: One Easy Way to Paint on Your Wall

How are you doing this morning? Feeling happy? Great. If you are feeling grumpy, don’t worry. Just go on, take a few minutes off, leave your grumpiness aside to pick up later and read this post.

Before I begin, I want to ask you, are you good at sketching and free-hand drawing? Yes ? Well, then you have my profound admiration. No? Great, I’m glad I…

Doors by Santhana krishnan

Good morning! It’s Friday and I have a lovely post for you; I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about sharing someone’s work. Today, I present to you the much accomplished 31-year-old Chennai based artist Santhana Krishnan’s work. This is going to be a long one, so please brace yourselves for a colorful journey into the world of paintings.

I first saw…

Ideas for Painting Old Furniture

Do we have any diligent readers (read: obsessively checking Google Reader for new posts) of Apartment Therapy here? If yes, you would know that a good chunk of posts are about restoring or transforming old furniture through painting and replacing the hardware. Images of antique, worn wooden cabinet/dresser/table painted into white or turquoise blue are swimming in my head now.

For me, when it comes to…

DIY: How to Paint a Cartoon Character on Canvas

I just realized that it’s been  while since I posted a DIY project here.  The store tours had kind of shifted my focus away from everything else. So, here’s a easy project you can try over the weekend.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your kid’s room is to decorate it around their favorite cartoon characters. My three-year-old is very fond of the Disney…

How To Restore and Polish Wood Furniture

how to polish wood
Detailed steps on how to polish or restore the shine to your wooden furniture and artifacts.

Has your wooden cabinet in the kitchen lost its sheen?

Do the wardrobes in the bedroom wear a outdated look?

Does the prized artifact, which you proudly show off to your…

Water-based paints makes painting a house no more a headache

Painting a house can be a nightmare. Strong odor, head ache, dust, throat infection are some of the things we associate with painting the interiors of a home. It’s one of those things we like to postpone as much as we can for the sheer hard work involved. In India, though, it is a relatively easy job as one contracts the entire scraping-painting-cleaning process.

My perception…