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Pleasing the palate: 4 zesty salads you’ll be tempted to try


Have you ever been to a workshop related to cooking/gardening? Even I hadn’t and didn’t know what to expect. But, that changed this year. Not some kind of resolution; just, getting out of my comfort zone to unlearn and learn again the traditional way. After the square foot gardening one in Feb, this was my second one.

Seth in one of…

Try this: an origami birthday-party invite that will lit up your guests’ faces!

origami invite

My son’s birthday party was a last-minute-let’s-do-it affair. We had decided we wouldn’t have one, or probably have one a week later. But just like that, three days before his birthday, we decided to have one as my dad was visiting. There you go: all the arrangements had to be done, and by myself. Unlike every time, we were not…

Baskets, baskets, why are you so elusive?


This has to be the longest search ever for baskets. From @ Home to Hyper City and M.K. Retail to Total and Safina Plaza (in the hope there may be some exhibition) to FabIndia, I’ve been everywhere. And still looking.

Total, Hyper City and M.K. Retail all carry the same type of baskets (beige and brown) of about the same sizes with…

From 2000 to 300 square feet: small is beautiful

320 sq foot 320 sq foot cottage

Hope you had a blast yesterday for Holi. Make a guess: how much can you fit in a 320 sq. foot space? Living and dining at the maximum, or perhaps living and a modest kitchen?

This enchanting, little 320-square foot cottage caught my eyes this morning, and I thought I must immediately share it with you…

Finding magnificence in colored walls and patterned tiles

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I had a great start to the week with a fun DIY project yesterday – it’s not live yet but once it is you can read all about it on the Portico blog.

I was browsing tirelessly for images of a exposed brick wall. My parents are constructing an independent house, and I’m quite excited about how certain parts will take shape….

Looking for a nameplate? Check Butterfly Homes!

Hello folks! Having a good weekend? What’s with the sale season–it seems like the Hindi soap that just drag on and on…starting Navratri then Diwali, then GOSF, X’mas, New year, Sankranti and I don’t know what they call this one but all the shops are bleeding red. Come to think of it, it would be a special time to shop when there is no sale going on….

Are you ready for Deepavali? (Sssh…and a giveaway!)

Exhausted? From the shopping, cleaning, and everything that comes with Diwali. Given the crowds, traffic, and a quadrillion(it’s a number, I didn’t make it up!) similar things with different labels,  gone are the days when shopping was a pleasant experience. Well, don’t be. It’s time to be happy with the family and not go into an overdrive that leaves you exhausted before the festivities begin.

If  you’re still…

The New Look

“dress your home” has adorned a new dress today. It’s just a year late; yes, I’ve been procrastinating a responsive theme for months in quest for finding the perfect one. It’s the paradox of choice. Back in 2003, when I started blogging, things were so simple.  You just went with one of the dozen odd default ones – changed the header, and launched the blog.

With so many…

How about a new dress for the blog?

No, I have not neglected this space. It’s been receiving a lot of love lately in the form of  late nights. Unveiling a new look for the blog tomorrow. So, please check back the same time tomorrow ..until then bye and good night!

Nestopia: here’s where you hire your interior designer, and a home tour!

Good morning! How’s the week treating you folks? I’m hoping you are reading this post on feedly or some other reader. How did you find the transition? As much as I like feedly, I miss Google Reader.

So anyways, early last month, after the numbers slowly started receding from my head, I spoke with Harsh Jain of Nestopia one afternoon. How about some prettiness first before…

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