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Makeover Tip: Discover That One Thing Which Changes The Look of a Room Instantly

Take a pick.

What is that one thing if you change in a room will alter its look beyond recognition?

Wall color? May be. But can you change it every week?

Artifacts? Possibly.

Rugs? Umm.

But, for maximum impact, invest in good quality textiles. Think cushion covers, slip covers for sofa, curtains, mats, table runners, bed covers. I’ll show you some examples of how to harness the power of textiles…

Luxury in a box: Egyptian cotton sheets from Aplus linen

egyptian cotton sheets from aplus linen


What is it that you look forward to in a vacation?

No one is listening, you can be honest with yourselves. And if you would like to share, get the conversation going in the comments section.

It’s my turn now as I…

Craftmark: Hand-made in India

If there are two craft organisations I would love to have in Bangalore, then they have to be Craftmark and Dastkar. Dastkar, at least, has an annual exhibition in Bangalore. You know how it is – you are quickly scrolling through dozens of posts on FB (I returned after a long hiatus), and there are certain pictures that stand out. And then, it happens again after…

Color Burst: The Mansion

Today, I share with you another great find – The Mansion. The Mansion is a Delhi-based home linen and accessories store founded in 2009. In their words, ” it started by challenging conventional practices and by fusing global attributes into the Indian traditional craftsmanship to come up with a unique and heartfelt sensibility which reflects contemporary India.” The sensibility is evident in their collections – be…

Kawandi Quilts & Sally Campbell’s Handmade Textiles

Hello  everyone! Hope you are having a Happy Monday! Before I begin, I’m really really curious to know if you have heard of Kawandi quilts? Yes, let me know when , where, how in the comments.

This is how it all began for me : as many of you know, we live in Bangalore which is known for its good weather – not too hot, not…