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Tours of real homes

Home Tour: Step Inside This 600 Sq. Ft. Renovated Home

renovated apartment by Mangesh Lungare

AD is a treasure trove of homes that excel in design. I was floored by the renovation of this 600-sq. ft apartment in Mahim belonging to Nikhil and Rima Bhende. Before-after pictures alongside would have accentuated the breathtaking…

Home Tour: Manisha and Ajay’s Colorful Haven Featured in GoodHomes

colorful home

Where do you go to (my lovely ~~~ too much Peter Sarstedt over the weekend) for interior inspiration?

Blogs? Facebook groups? Or good old magazines?

My favorite go-to place for home tours is the GoodHomes magazine. I have some of the best issues stacked…

Home makeover: Stone is the hero of this house

There’s something about taking a peek inside real homes. There’s a bit of suspense of what lies behind those doors, of how people dress up their homes, and the excitement builds if the doorway is tastefully decorated. I enjoy taking you through real homes as much as DIY posts.

What I…

Capricoast: A kitchen in the making

a kitchen in the making

It’s been three months since we moved into this new house. It feels like home now. We cherish the crisp air in the mornings, the evening breeze, and I must sheepishly admit, I sometimes miss the sounds and cacophony of…

Revisited: How Shivani Dogra dresses up homes

Shivani Dogra

A post with the same title appeared almost two years ago on the blog. I have been coaxing Shivani to speak about her latest work for months, and was delighted to hear from the wonderful lady.

Most of the projects I have…

Home tour: a beach-house meets apartment and modern meets traditional

Mumbai apartment

Wondering where this beach house is?


Want to know the name of the resort?

Sorry to disappoint you. It is a 3000 sq.ft apartment on the 14th floor of a modern building in Mumbai . No, not Goa.

It was…

Home Tour: Jessie Paul’s renovated home in Bangalore

stone clad entrance of a home

Today, I bring you yet another renovated home with ethnic touches from Jyothika Baleri’s portfolio. This home belongs to Jessie Paul in Bangalore. Jessie got this home, which is the heart of Bangalore, renovated. The home is replete with…

Home Tour: Usha and Pavan Kaipa’s Home Designed by Inner Space

Chess feature

A chess feature on a wall?

Wow. This creation got me hooked onto Inner Space. I explored the other projects they have executed and in this post, let us take a tour of a home they have recently completed.

In a tete-a-tete with Aanchal and…

Home Tour: A Traditional Home Filled with Antique Treasures

good earth homeYou know you are in for a visual treat looking at this picture, right?This is entrance of a Good Home earth. So, just let your imagination run wild for what to expect inside. Real will not be disappointed.For the past three…

Architect: Khosla Associates Redefining Simplicity

elegant home

I’m reminded of this quote when I look at this structure: “The structures were austere and simple, until one looked at them and realized what work, what complexity of method, what tension of thought had achieved the simplicity.” Ayn Rand – The Fountainhead


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