Objective analysis of upcoming apartment and villa projects.

Assetz East Point: Standing Tall in the Concrete Jungle

Before I begin, a big thank you to all of you who have written in saying how much you are looking forward to this series. It’s your enthusiasm and encouragement that has kept me going. I haven’t been able to keep up with the pace of posts as much as I’d like to. There’s a huge backlog, but the good news is that I’ve scheduled…

Habitat Crest

Habitat Crest is located on the ITPL main road. We first looked at Habitat Crest sometime in February, and I loved the ground floor unit (the lower duplex) with its huge garden. What was more enticing is that the garden was accessible from both the kitchen and the dining.The property is structured as lower duplex, upper duplex and penthouse for each building. The upper duplex and…

Arvind Expansia


Two apartments left and a couple of villas

What works:

Location. About a Km from the Outer Ring Road (you can avoid the KR Puram Junction). Similarly, about a hundred meters away from the ITPL Main road. Very close to Phoenix Marketcity Mall.
Price ( to an extent if you had booked a while earlier)

What does not work:

The plan. Entry for the private garden for the villas is…

House Hunt: GR Sun Villas and Pruksa Silvana

sun villas


How about a house with your own private pool at the cost of a row house in Whitefield?

In Bangalore? Of course.

I’m covering two projects today as they are located adjacent to each other, off Budigere Cross (it is about 11 Kms from the KR Puram Hanging Bridge…

A maze called Gopalan Urban Woods

urban woods

Can you imagine how thrilling it will be to play treasure hunt with your kids inside your home, every day?

With an added bonanza: you don’t have to step outside the home for a walk, or workout in the gym, and still get your daily share of exercise?

If you answered in the…

Why the price is never right to buy a home?

dream home

The right price (in today’s terms) was five years ago, but it wasn’t affordable then.

Admit it. That’s the dirty truth.

For most of us, living in our own home gives a sense of security.

But, dreaming of getting a spacious sunlit home like this one?

Snap out of…

Zed Earth: Eco-friendly Homes in Bangalore

Wouldn’t it be a nice to live in a house designed to use all forms of energy (heat, water, light) in a optimal way? Ironically, nature’s free resources are the ones becoming scarce soon. Water is a precious commodity in Bangalore, not only during summer, but through out the year. Where else do you see tankers hog half the roads all day?

A few months back,…

House for Sale? Top 6 Attributes Buyers Look for

This is a guest post by Christina Johnson.

What are buyers looking for in a home?

1. Wide Open Spaces
Buyers no longer want homes or rental properties with separate spaces for different family functions. Now you’ll see, real estate professionals advising clients to create multipurpose spaces. Buyers will see how valuable and functional open areas are. In a family room, a…

Apartment Hunt: Renaissance, Krishvi, Goel Ganga, DSR

In this concluding part on the Apartment Hunt series, let’s take a look at some new completed and just-launched  properties from a two-tier builders.


Renaissance Rainbow – Brookefields

Renaissance Rainbow is located opposite to the Gopalan property and adjacent to Knightsbridge apartments on the Brookefields…

Apartment Hunt: Sepctra, Veracious & Gopalan

Good Morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a wonderful one that took me to the interiors of Shivaji Nagar on Saturday and to the picturesque vineyards off Yelahanka on Sunday. I came back from Shivaji Nagar with stems of my favorite flower – the fragrant Rajnigandha and a huge basket of black grapes from Rajanakunte.

I’m kicking off this week with the second…