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Do touches of pink up the oomph quotient of a room? See for yourself.





All variants of shades of pink. After mustard last week, I’m drawn towards this glamorous color. Blame it on the bougainvilleas all around. This color is so pronounced that it can stand its own ground or accentuate the presence of others like gray….

Ideas you can steal from 6 homes that flaunt bohemian style with pizzazz

Bohemian: a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

That’s the definition of Bohemian. When it comes to interiors and decor, if there is one style among a dozen that is loud and has the character to stand out among the rest, it is undoubtedly a Bohemian-inspired one….

Mustard inspiration: See how these 8 homes effortlessly use yellow to make our heads turn





All different interpretations of the same color in its various hues and shades; accent walls in this stunning color makes many a home stand out from the crowd. I fell in love with this shade years ago, and there’s at least one wall in the home that is painted in…

5 ways to make your home smell heavenly all the time (and good sleep/mood is a bonus!)

air freshener


OK. I have a confession (make that two!) to make.

I’m sleep-deprived most days, because I can’t sleep through the night.

And, I’m obsessed with mild, natural scents.

Ever wondered why spas make you feel good from the moment you step in? Do you have…

Best of 2016: You’ll Love These 5 Jaw-Dropping Homes from Architectural Digest

Sometimes you take a liking to a particular magazine, website, tune that you keep flipping/playing it over and over again. There is no formula to decipher this fondness; it just clicks and stays in the head space for days, sometimes weeks. That’s how it is with AD for me now.


Srirangam: a shopper’s delight

I was in Trichy two weeks ago; it was the Golden Jubilee celebrations of my alma mater which we’d missed anyway. I usually don’t visit Srirangam on my trips there but this time happened to go there two times in three days. And each time, was in for a complete…

How Shivani Dogra Dresses Up Homes

For all you home makeover connoisseurs who ogle at before-after pictures endlessly (like me!), the name Shivani Dogra should flash the famous pictures of her Delhi pad in your mind. Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell, this picture should! Ever since I read about her little renovation project…

Joss & Main

You are checking your mail. A little box on the corner (the ad, of course) distracts you! How often do you click on it? I get distracted easily :( but it’s not always that I click on one. This time I did and I’m glad I got distracted.

Maybe you’ve heard…

Garden Tour: Madhu’s colorful terrace garden

There are two things that make me immensely happy in the home : color and healthy plants, and of course a loving family. I’m happy today on seeing some lovely pictures and it’s only fair that you be a part of this too :) Is there any such thing as…

A courtyard home in Goa

Good morning! Are you charged up after a relaxing, holidaying weekend? I sure am.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw this home flipping thr the pages of Apr-May ’13 issue of Elle Decor.

You know how we always have a certain image of the home we would like to live…

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