Tours of commercial spaces

This new interior design studio in town lets you see and feel your home in virtual reality. (Sshh..details inside)

The U & Us Studio by Godrej at Bangalore

I said grey.She (my interior designer) agreed to grey.
We are talking about…

Store Feature: Be Vintage

blue shelf - weathered look

Today, I feature Be Vintage: the creation of a creative powerhouse, Monica, Grishma and Abhineet. They started this Bangalore-based brand a year and half ago to sell vintage furniture and home decor accessories. There are few brands/creations for which one picture is good enough to speak volumes…

Store Feature: Engrave

Nimish of Engrave was persistent in getting me out of this blogging hiatus. When the to-do list grows too long in my head, I make a note of it in a diary (yep, very old-fashioned unlike remember the milk) and take pleasure in seeing things crossed off the list. Then the list and diary are forgotten until the list grows again. For…

Store Tour: Meghaavi

OK. You are on Facebook. Tell me how often do you NOT click on that ad in the sidebar?

Even for someone with a strong resolve, it takes a lot to not get distracted.

Sometimes it’s the colorful styling. Sometimes it’s the teaser. Sometimes, it’s the price. Sometimes, it’s the name of the store that makes us curious (like Jabong was when it initially launched). Sometimes, it…

Finding magnificence in colored walls and patterned tiles

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I had a great start to the week with a fun DIY project yesterday – it’s not live yet but once it is you can read all about it on the Portico blog.

I was browsing tirelessly for images of a exposed brick wall. My parents are constructing an independent house, and I’m quite excited about how certain parts will…

Villa Meneghello: a free design lesson in color play

Let me ask you a question: what turns you on? Well, just think about it. For some, it’s music; for some, it’s spices or desserts; for some, a certain perfume and for the wieldy, power can be a great aphrodisiac. Color in a room stimulates my visual senses like nothing else. I find it a great therapeutic tool.

So, it comes as no surprise, that these…

Designer spotlight: Purple Backyard

Hello everybody! It’s Friday and time for Shopping Friday post which will be up tomorrow as I have an exciting designer to showcase today. During one of my many FB wanderlust (which has been cut short this week because of Chrome Nanny :(), I came across images of a beautiful, breezy, street-side cafe kinda setting. Digging further, it turned out this pretty place was a…

Malabar House: Just another day in paradise

I came across this resort called Malabar House in Kerala. Malabar House, Trinity, Serenity, Purity, Privacy – all the names of their various resorts in and around Cochin . Fancy that!

 Turquoise love. A hint of turquoise against a white wall can work wonders. Complement it with soft furnishings and you have a winner.

You must visit this restaurant in Hyderabad for the graffiti and kitschy decor

Sometimes unplanned weekends are all the more fun.  Just on a whim, when I go to know last Wednesday that Monday was a holiday for my son, we decided to go to Hyderabad. Booked tickets on the bus, made reservations at a hotel at a great location, packed lightly on Friday evening and off we went on a two day holiday.  Recipe for a great…

Store Tour : The Shop, New Delhi

If you live in Delhi and haven’t been to The Shop, then you should check it out. The place has a rich history and story behind its creation.The Shop retails a complete range of clothing for men, women and kids, home furnishings such as table runners, place mats, bed linen, duvet covers, and fashion accessories such as totes and bags.  All the products are designed…