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11 Pooja Room Designs For Small Apartments

pooja room designs

This post is a compilation of 11 pooja room designs in wood and glass for small spaces and apartments. 

“Good art inspires; Good design motivates” – Otl Aicher

This quote sums up the idea behind this post. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape for a few…

4 Design Lessons I Learnt from a Hotel

There is something to learn from every hotel. Some of the well-designed hotels offer you a crash course in design. All you need is to look around with open eyes and an open mind. There are a few things I always observe and make a mental note of, if I like:

the layout of the bathrooms
the closet design, if anything different

I’m listing the four design aspects that…

5 secret tips to design a jaw-dropping, organized kitchen

Admit it.

The minute you saw the words “design”, “kitchen”, and “secret tips” in the title, you were tempted to click, weren’t you?

It’s not just you. For most of us, life revolves around the kitchen, and the kitchen is built around the family. The fragrance of freshly baked cookies or the sweet aroma of rice kheer envelops the house..and you know it from the smile of…

3 simple tools to design your home

Scared of 3D design software to design your home?
Struggling to find a way to communicate with your designer?
I hear you. I was in your shoes. Not too long ago.

In this post, I’m going to share three tools and a bunch of tricks to help you design your house and communicate effectively with your carpenter/designer. A small caveat before we begin: I do not have any…

How To Design An Open bath At Home

There are some houses you can relate to by seeing just one picture: it’s a reflection of the house you want to live in some day, if you are already not living in that kind of a house, yet. Know what I mean? I’m sure you do if you dream … This is my kind of house.

Some may say it lacks character; there is no…

Interior Design: The Orange Lane

My son remarked this afternoon, “mamma, how does Google know all the answers?”  I replied, “yes, it does, provided you ask the right questions.” The past decade or so has made us believe that we can have all the answers in a click from supernova explosions to a drug prescribed by a hematologist to what’s so fascinating about a beluga whale; it has given us…

Thank you. You helped design Namratha’s study.

How’s the mid-week holiday treating you? A blessing for the kids, I’m sure:)

OK before I begin, thank you so much to each one of you who went to great lengths to explain your design concept; for participating;  for harboring the courage to let others…

Can you help design Namratha’s study?

This post is different from the hundred other posts on this blog because it is about you all – the readers of “dress your home” who have kept it going for so long with your kind words of encouragement. Namratha, a reader, wrote to me about a fortnight ago asking for suggestions to do up her study room.

I could have replied as I usually do…

How to deck up your balcony

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. When it comes to dressing up one’s balcony and learning a thing or two about container gardening, I look no further than the Nordic region. The design sensibilities, the color scheme (mostly whites offset with colorful furnishings), simple furniture, tall ceilings, and natural stained wood goes with what I believe in : keep it simple.

This post…

Ready for a patio makeover?

It will be July in two days. We’d planned a trip to the backwaters of Kerala last weekend but some good friends advised it would be best to stay away from the region during monsoon. But, but, whatever happened to the rains this year. As I write this, it’s bright and sunny in Bangalore. I love sitting in my modest balcony more than in any…