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Creating a statement piece of furniture with Asian Paints’ Wood Tech Studio

We finally moved into the new house. It’s been two weeks. This was the first weekend in months when we had some time (a few hours) on our hands with nothing to do. That was a strange feeling. After you’ve been running around tirelessly for months for everything from hinges and laminates to painting and furniture, there is a sudden vacuum. Oh, we are not…

Furnicheer on House Proud


Imagine these color combinations:

Fuchsia + Blue

Green + Mustard yellow

Now imagine a room with cushions draped in these colors, or furniture painted in these eclectic combinations.


Full of life? Absolutely.


There are weeks when the inbox is inundated with promotional mails of stores, products, online retail sites. Our attention span is  short; most of the content buried in the mails don’t have the power to make you stop what you are doing, sit up and take notice. And then once in a while comes along a store profile,  or a min blowing creation that makes…

Friday Shopping: Compact furniture for the living room

Happy it’s Friday today? My coffee table from Urban Ladder will arrive soon. My mind is on furniture for small spaces today.

1. Wooden bench for Rs.5,950 from Induscraft

2. Elmwood Tokyo stool for Rs.4,490 from FabFurnish

3. Arabia coffee table for Rs.3499 from Urban…

Furniture: Why I love Urban Ladder

Given the title, a disclaimer is in order: this is neither a sponsored post, nor do I get additional discounts on their products. With that out of the door, let me tell you why I love Urban Ladder.

1. Focus on furniture : I’m not faced with the paradox of choice (though slowly but surely, UL is getting there).  The focus only on furniture helps…

Doors by Santhana krishnan

Good morning! It’s Friday and I have a lovely post for you; I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about sharing someone’s work. Today, I present to you the much accomplished 31-year-old Chennai based artist Santhana Krishnan’s work. This is going to be a long one, so please brace yourselves for a colorful journey into the world of paintings.

I first saw…

Seating: Japanese & Rajasthani inspired low-level furniture

Aren’t low seating furniture cool and informal? Don’t you think it’s easy to change the layout in a jiffy and change the colors with cushions as the mood changes with every season? And, a big space saver of course.

Last winter, when we got rid of all our bulky living room furniture, one of the things foremost on our minds, was to create space. I’m sure…

How-to: Paint Furniture

In continuation of yesterday’s post, I’ll describe the process that you can apply to paint any wooden furniture. So, if you’re game for some hard work, let’s get started.


1. Identify the piece of furniture you want to paint. And, be convinced why you want to paint. Some pieces of furniture look best in their natural form. For instance, you don’t want a yellow…

Ideas for Painting Old Furniture

Do we have any diligent readers (read: obsessively checking Google Reader for new posts) of Apartment Therapy here? If yes, you would know that a good chunk of posts are about restoring or transforming old furniture through painting and replacing the hardware. Images of antique, worn wooden cabinet/dresser/table painted into white or turquoise blue are swimming in my head now.

For me, when it comes to…

How To Restore and Polish Wood Furniture

how to polish wood
Detailed steps on how to polish or restore the shine to your wooden furniture and artifacts.

Has your wooden cabinet in the kitchen lost its sheen?

Do the wardrobes in the bedroom wear a outdated look?

Does the prized artifact, which you proudly show off to your…