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Shopping for the home and your wardrobe.

I wasted two days to choose the right cushion covers for my black sofa. Blame this website!

OK, so I wanted to buy two pieces of 16*16 cushion covers online for my black sofa in the living room.

How tough can it be?

I went to Amazon as I usually do and looked for cushion covers in light…

Insider Tip: 6 Awesome Shops to Buy Fabric in Mumbai

where to buy fabric in Mumbai

Where to shop for gorgeous fabric in Chennai on a shoestring budget” saw a tremendous response from you all. As a follow-up, we are going to Mumbai today for fabric shopping.

Changing the slip covers, cushion cover, and runners in…

Drape your bed with these sheets from Spaces to escape to the English countryside

I started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix this week. Six episodes down, I’m hooked.

For someone with a viewing history as varied as Narcos, McMafia, Person of Interest, and The Newsroom, I’ve surprised myself this time for being fascinated with this period drama. The subtle English humour delivered with deadpan expressions caught the fancy of even my 11-year old. He quipped, “How formal are these people making…

Where To find The Right Wall Art For Your Home: The Ultimate List

For most of us, finding the right art to deck up the walls can be tricky. Even more so, if you do not frequent exhibitions,  or understand the distinction between originals and prints, or interpret the meaning.

Thanks to a dozen websites that sell art now, buying one has come within reach. But, the paradox of choice still exists. Scrolling through literally thousands of images across…

8 Lightweight Planters for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

my garden view

This is the view of the lush green garden space from our living room. Nothing is more uplifting than gazing at plants symbolizing life. But, I can’t have enough of them and yearn to bring in the greenery indoors. This post is an effort in…

6 Home Centre Finds That Are ‘Sold Out’ Online (And Where You Can Find Them Instead)

My mum was here for a fortnight, and like me, she is fond of all things organizing. For the kitchen, in particular. She helped me in organizing organized the kitchen, got rid of stuff that were old, plastics, and put a ban on purchasing anything new until it was time to discard some of the existing canisters. Aren’t mums are the best? I really love it…

Insider Tip: Where to buy gorgeous fabrics for everything you need in Chennai. (Bonus: Prices start at INR 80)

Where to shop for cotton fabrics in Chennai

Prices start from 80 INR per metre and goes up to 300 INR  per metre, let me introduce you to the hidden paradise in Chennai tucked away in a…

12 pretty floral fabrics to welcome summer into your home and wardrobe

Floral fabrics to dress your wardrobe and home this summer


This post is a collection of 12 pretty floral patterns in fabrics that feel good to wear and dress your home with this summer. 

Mercury is soaring. It’s only 7:00 a.m. As…

Hello Summer! The Orient Aerocool Fan Is here To Embrace You

designer ceiling fan from orient electric aerocoolHennessey Venom, Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, and the Lamborghni Aventador.

When the son moved on from watching Pokemon to Top Gear and The…

15 Luxe-Looking, Affordable Kitchen Finds Under Rs.1,000

I am always on the look out for bargain finds online. In particular, the ones that look like they cost a limb, but are easy on the pocket. Well, I thank heavens for the day I introduced my mother to the world of online shopping. Every day, she shares a new find with me. Yesterday, she pointed me to 6 glass jars available on Home…