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Friday shopping of online stores

Decor hacks: How to create a no-fuss living room where your friends will want to hang out in

frame wall

How often do you entertain friends? Is it always a formal get together or is it laid back enough for anyone…

5 Hanging Lamps for your living room under Rs. 20,000

living room

aerial view of the living room

This is my living room as seen from the dining room. The living sports a double height ceiling and is flanked by floor to ceiling full-length windows on opposite sides. I have been looking for a pendant lamp to light up this space. Most homes…

Your home is a blank canvas. Find out how to paint it with finds from across the country.

The summer heat has slipped into my sea of distant memory.

The famed Bangalore weather is back. Cloudy evenings. Heavy showers in the night that pave the way for clear skies, rainswept leaves on the Plumeria tree, sparkling clean pavement with no hint of dust from the enveloping construction, the heady fragrance of Jasmine flowers, the pleasant sight of…

Luxury in a box: Egyptian cotton sheets from Aplus linen

egyptian cotton sheets from aplus linen


What is it that you look forward to in a vacation?

No one is listening, you can be honest with yourselves. And if you would like to share, get the conversation going in the comments section.

It’s my turn now as I bare my priorities in front of all of you: a good hotel with…

Want to know a secret to uninterrupted sleep? Hint: chemical-free organic bedding.

This post is sponsored by Amouve.


Blissful or evasive?

What will one not give to get six hours of peaceful sleep? Ask those who go through bouts of insomnia.

I am sleeping well, of late. Touch wood.

This is a BIG deal; after months of staying up through the night staring at the ceiling, anxious to sleep at least for a little…

Friday Shopping: 5 online shops for affordable art

Blank white walls?

Thinking of hanging art work?

If you are a good procrastinator like me, years would go by before the blank wall comes to life. I wish someone would curate a list like this for me.

I have a confession to make. I have no clue how to buy art and am equally ignorant of famous artists. The only…

Friday Shopping: 5 chai pe charcha picks from Chopping Board

Naming your company after a mundane but quintessential thing like a chopping board is creative, and not the least bit tacky. I was intrigued by the name when an ad popped up on my IG feed, and I must admit I am not the least bit disappointed.

I love hosting informal, impromptu tea parties at home. Red Label Natural Care…

Friday Shopping: 6 Affordable Indigo Kurta Brands I’m Loving

Mustard is my favorite color.

Not Indigo.

But there’s something about summer and Indigo that makes my heart swoon it kurtis or tie and dye home linen.

Oh..are you also wondering how come fashion brands here, and if you are on the wrong blog? is indeed “dress your home”.

I gave it due thought before putting up this post. As much as I hate to admit, the…

8 Clever Cleaning Products You Can Buy Online Now

This post is born out of my cleaning regimen. I spent the first half of this past Saturday cleaning part of the house: this included dusting, washing, squeegee-ing, and wiping down with clean microfiber cloth ceiling-to-floor glass windows, throwing out expired items from the refrigerator and kitchen pantry, and wiping down bathroom counters. I still have so many items to cross off the list like…

Stosa Cucine Opens its Doors to a New Store in Bangalore

rustic modular kitchen

My love for modular kitchens and kitchen design is no secret.

The more you see, the more you want. That’s the paradox of choice. From experience, seeking professional help to channel one’s requirements into a product is essential for a kitchen. The thin line between fancy wants and needs is blurred.

Imagine my excitement on receiving an invite to…

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