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Friday shopping of online stores

Friday Finds: 7+ Places to Buy Beds Online (Under Rs.40,000)

Someone recently asked me to recommend a place to buy a queen size bed. It’s been a while since I have bought furniture from a brick-and-mortar store. All the furniture for our new home came were bought online: some great experiences and some we will regret forever.

What makes all the…

The Cashless Online Life: Your Guide to Living Comfortably Cashfree, From Groceries and Clothes to Furniture

8:45 p.m. on 8th Nov. 2016. I was drawing the curtains on our bed room, and picking a book from my bedside table to read later that night. The phone was ringing repeatedly downstairs; it was my dad calling frantically to relay the historic news of 500 and 1000 notes…

Vastrabharana: decoding the shopping experience

Cacophony of color and voices.


Women dressed in their elegant best.

Where it feels like an over-sized FabIndia showroom.

Where new-age khadi and linen fabrics overshadow kanjivaram and banarasi sarees.

That pretty much sums up my first day experience at Vastrabharana: the handloom exhibition organized by Crafts Council of…

Oasis Tiles India: How to choose tiles for your home

vitrified tiles

One of the often asked questions/email queries from the readers of the blog is on tiles. You may wonder why a common topic such as tiles would pique the interest of so many people. Often, the seemingly simple ones are the ones that…

Antique/Rustic Picks I’m Loving: all under Rs. 1000

Thanks to a bunch of sites catering to every fetish from street wear to handicrafts, working is so much fun now.

When I want a minute’s break, I just let myself be distracted and click on one of the ads that pop up. And boy, am I glad when I find…

Best sites to shop from for furnishing your home

Owning a house was THE goal after kids’ education and wedding for our parents’ generation.

That is slowly changing now with most of us getting an apartment in early 20s.

Signing on the dotted line in the agreement should bring happiness.

Ads show images of folks like us sitting on the balcony/lawn sipping…

Friday Shopping: 5 picks for the home and garden

How is summer in your part of the town/world? Though we have moved just a few kilometers from our previous home, the heat is unbearable here. With a lush Eucalyptus cover, the previous home felt cool even in summers. Ofcourse, it came with its own disadvantages of not getting enough…

Friday shopping: 5 canister picks for the kitchen

Surprised that Friday shopping is back? Oh well! I figured I might as well curate my shopping cart into a post since I spend so much time ogling through random stuff all day. I am in the process of discarding stuff right now and buying canisters/jars for the new kitchen.


LED Candles from Candè berg


Beautiful? Check.

Romantic? Check.

Instant uplift to any room? Check.

Messy? Not at all.

These are flameless LED tealight candles from Candè berg. There are 12 candles in a pack along with a decorative wrap that can be wrapped around the candles for added effect as you can…

Goldilocks: the classic fairy tale retold

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

– Albert Einstein

The title of the post is intriguing, isn’t it?

What do you reckon this is about? Take a guess.

Of course, it’s a story with a twist….

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