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Craving for a retro look? 6 design lessons to steal from Karachi Cafe

Karachi Cafe in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Brief by the client: Imagine a vintage cafe to serve canteen-style finger food and traditional India chai.

Retro? Check.

Feel of the 50s? Of course.

Eerily comfortable and familiar? No doubt.

Nostalgia? You bet.

I’ve spent the past hour ooh-aahing over this space. Yes, I do swing from my minimalist end of the spectrum to this far extreme if it has an…

Pilgrimage Spaces: Tour the store to see a slice of India

Indian handicrafts in South Africa

Your world can end in the blink of an eye. One event, one unexpected twist of fate… and suddenly the world as you knew it… is gone. Forever. All that you held dear, all that you held close… is washed away in a sea of distant memory. Life… is cruel. Of this, I have no doubt….

Bheem Styx

Bheem Styx

We connect with Indira Nagar like no other neighborhood of Bangalore. It is a good stress buster. So, after a long afternoon sifting through bolts of fabric for curtains got the better of us, we decided to take a break and drove to Indira Nagar. The son with his fancy ideas was in the mood for Cranberry tea at Infinitea….

What’s on sale at HomeTown

lanterns and candles

It’s bleeding red all over the town with ‘Sale’ announcements. I know, you may ask, “when isn’t it?” I believe this is one time of the year when the sale is genuine, and you can get good bargains. I was at HomeTown yesterday afternoon and here are a few items worth picking to spruce up your home decor, or…

Store Feature: Be Vintage

blue shelf - weathered look

Hello, folks. Long time.

Today, I feature Be Vintage: the creation of a creative powerhouse, Monica, Grishma and Abhineet. They started this Bangalore-based brand a year and half ago to sell vintage furniture and home decor accessories. There are few brands/creations for which one picture is good enough to speak volumes of their work. And then, there…

Store Feature: Engrave

Nimish of Engrave was persistent in getting me out of this blogging hiatus. When the to-do list grows too long in my head, I make a note of it in a diary (yep, very old-fashioned unlike remember the milk) and take pleasure in seeing things crossed off the list. Then the list and diary are forgotten until the list grows again. For the past…

Store Tour: Meghaavi

OK. You are on Facebook. Tell me how often do you NOT click on that ad in the sidebar?

Even for someone with a strong resolve, it takes a lot to not get distracted.

Sometimes it’s the colorful styling. Sometimes it’s the teaser. Sometimes, it’s the price. Sometimes, it’s the name of the store that makes us curious (like Jabong was when it initially launched). Sometimes, it is the…

Store Tour: Ikea

The houses and plans have been too much to take, right?

Your silence after the last post said it all.

So, shall we take a break from real estate and indulge our senses before coming to reality?

There were two store tours on my list, and I chose Ikea. You’ve read about the baskets before.

Who doesn’t love Ikea, and who doesn’t like affordable storage solutions? I’d never been to…

For the love of white



How are you folks doing this summer? I’ve never had so much fun in April-May the past few years…it’s been all about digging my head deep into five volumes of books for the exam always fell on the first Sunday of June, and when it was time to let my hair down, the school reopened.  Freedom is what I associate this…


There are weeks when the inbox is inundated with promotional mails of stores, products, online retail sites. Our attention span is  short; most of the content buried in the mails don’t have the power to make you stop what you are doing, sit up and take notice. And then once in a while comes along a store profile,  or a min blowing creation that makes you wonder…

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