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Furniture: Why I love Urban Ladder

Given the title, a disclaimer is in order: this is neither a sponsored post, nor do I get additional discounts on their products. With that out of the door, let me tell you why I love Urban Ladder.

1. Focus on furniture : I’m not faced with the paradox of choice (though slowly but surely, UL is getting there).  The focus only on furniture helps…

Studio Tour: Lively Wood

Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? Now that the summer vacation is over and kids are back to school, the grind has begun but it’s vacation time for me! After a two-month hiatus, the blog and I get a fresh lease of life.

Today’s post on Sonia Sumant, the brain behind Lively Wood, was scheduled for the first week of April but I never got around…

Can digital prints bring life to a wall?

What do you think: is putting up digital prints on a wall too textbook-ish style of decorating, or does it have the potential to stand out? Well, it depends, I think. If it’s funny, quirky and makes one take a second look, then yes, it’s maybe worth it. The folks at Crude Area wrote to me and there were three prints that I really liked.

Interior Design: The Orange Lane

My son remarked this afternoon, “mamma, how does Google know all the answers?”  I replied, “yes, it does, provided you ask the right questions.” The past decade or so has made us believe that we can have all the answers in a click from supernova explosions to a drug prescribed by a hematologist to what’s so fascinating about a beluga whale; it has given us…