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Vacation time: This coastal, light-flooded villa in Cyprus will steal your heart

Bedroom at Villa Meraki

Villa Meraki

As a kid, I was fascinated by atlases. Yes, there was a time (5th grade?) when I…

Goa, not a summer destination? You are right. But, not if it is Coco Shambhala Goa.

Coco Shambala Goa

My goal is to create enough wealth through a responsible and sustainable model, to allow those who work to build up the business to retire with me. From a gardener and maid to a manager. – Giles…

Summer vacation in Goa? Choose from these 4 Airbnb properties with spectacular views. Bonus: You’ll love the decor.

goa airbnb properties to stay at

Goa is a state of mind.

A slice of paradise.

A house for the body, a home for the soul.

The Goan properties featured below are thus introduced on Airbnb.

Unseasonal showers in Bangalore today;…

Pottery Lane: a non-descript street where hands are at work shaping lumps of clay into kulhads and tandoors

pottery town

Every once in a while I hail a cab to take me to a part of the city I haven’t been to before.

This mini-adventure is refreshing to the soul and the mind.

Unfamiliar sights. Fresh scents. Some…

Hampi: Where to stay, eat, and how to get around


We visited Hampi for two days last weekend (the long weekend of Ganesh Chaturthi). Unlike most places, the planning bit to Hampi was challenging since we decided not to drive and take the train instead. I found very little information online on how to travel to…

4 Design Lessons I Learnt from a Hotel

There is something to learn from every hotel. Some of the well-designed hotels offer you a crash course in design. All you need is to look around with open eyes and an open mind. There are a few things I always observe and make a mental note of, if I like:

the layout of the bathrooms
the closet design, if anything different

I’m listing the four design aspects that…

Srirangam: a shopper’s delight

I was in Trichy two weeks ago; it was the Golden Jubilee celebrations of my alma mater which we’d missed anyway. I usually don’t visit Srirangam on my trips there but this time happened to go there two times in three days. And each time, was in for a complete surprise. The crowded thoroughfare leading upto the temple was full of stuff that has eluded…

Weekend getaway: The Serai

It’s a long weekend for many here in Bangalore for Pongal/Sankranti. If you are longing to get out of the city for a getaway or some time spent in the wilderness, then The Serai may just be the place from what the pictures tell me.  With three resorts in Kabini, Bandipur and Chikmaglur based on where you tastes lie: in the coffee country, by…

Hello and a postcard from life in the village

Hello everyone! Belated Happy New Year and hope this year brings all that you ever wished for! I’ve just been lurking in the background and taking comfort in reading all the wonderful reminiscences of the year gone by across blogs. But, the urge to  compose a post and greet you all with pleasant pictures was just lacking; until now! Hopefully this post will give the…