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Upcycled Bottles from The Fool

Ummm…I thought I could put any discarded item to use, in a meaningful way. But, I was so wrong and lost when I saw this. Maybe you”ll do better than me. This auto part and wine bottle are well on their way to final destination – the trash can. But, wait – do you think these can be put together in a functional and aesthetic way?

Kitsch Mandi in Pictures

Kitsch Mandi happened at Pebble, Palace Grounds on Sunday. Cars started rolling in from 1:00 p.m. By the time we left at 3:30 p.m., the crowds started pouring in undeterred by the overcast and the showers that followed; the party had just begun.  There was food, crafts, quirky prints, funky accessories, chunky bracelets, kitschy clutches, and loads of artsy staff spread over the 50 odd stalls under…

Where to Buy Plants in Kolkata: Green Mall

Do we have any readers from Kolkata here? During a trip to a interior village in West Bengal, we stopped over in the city for a night. Flipping through the pages of a daily, I came across an ad for Green Mall that piqued my interest. Going over their website, I’m pleased to have discovered.

Is there someone here who buys plants and other accessories regularly…

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