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Vandana’s 2,500 Sq. Foot Apartment is a Canvas to Showcase Art and Handloom Collected Over the Years

Pillars in living room

Pillars? Check.

Tussar paneled wardrobes? Check

Pattachitra painting? Check.

Is this a house or a museum? You’ll see.

I call Jyothika Baleri of Destination Designs the queen of ethnic design; and, with good reason. I’ve featured many…

Visually Enticing Stalls at Sampoorn Santhe


Overcast skies.

Hair gently blowing in the wind.

Colors as pretty as these.

Blue pottery; block prints; copper vessels. So much diversity under a roof and everything that India stands for.

Elegantly dressed ladies draped in beautiful saris. What an electric atmosphere.

Sampoorn Santhe is back in town with its visually enticing stalls. If you…

Kala Madhyam art & craft fair


Before I begin, just a quick reminder: have you entered the Zansaar giveaway yet? The contest runs until tomorrow evening, so you may want to make a mental note to leave a comment.

Now, let’s get down to business and salivate over the pictures together. Shall…

Dastkar 2012, Bangalore: Oogway Comes Home

It was past 6 p.m. on Saturday evening. After a long day, while we were returning home, my husband casually said, “oh, I forgot to tell you, Dastkar is happening at Ezone this year.” I was like, “what, serious?” And then, it came back in a flash. A friend had texted me that morning about a craft mela happening at a venue which is literally…

Weekend Event: Kitsch Mandi

It’s Friday and I’m making plans for the weekend. How about you? With no signs of monsoon, how does the idea of spending Sunday afternoon under a big banyan tree, listening to some live soulful music, treating your visual senses to great art and letting your kids play with mud and plant some greens  sound? It sounds like a perfect happy Sunday to…

Studio Tour: Glasscrafters, Bangalore

Nestled in the by-lanes of Indira Nagar is a studio named “Glasscrafters“. Glasscrafters was started by Asad Hajeebhoy originally in 1991 in Bombay, followed by a four year stint in Muscat, Oman,and finally at Bangalore in 1996.  A physicist by education, Asad pursued stained glass as a hobby to take it up full-time in 1996.