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15 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden to Cure Anything From Cold to Sleeplessness

15 herbs to grow in your garden to cure anything from cold to sleeplessnessLooking for a home remedy (concoction) to cure that nagging running nose or cold? 

A balcony gets a beautiful makeover to entertain guests

Terrace and balcony makeover

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this image. I get yours will too if you see how this space looked like before it went under the hammer. A mindblowing transformation that aimed to bring together the cooking, grilling, and entertaining…

Friday Shopping: 6 picks to set up your balcony garden (mostly under Rs.1000)

What would you need to set up a balcony garden from scratch? That’s the thought that crossed my mind as I was looking for some affordable railing planters before deciding on making my own. Iron brackets are so hard to come by, and even if they are available online, they are usually priced ridiculously high. Working on this theme, this week’s post centers around setting…

DIY: One Easy Way to Paint on Your Wall

How are you doing this morning? Feeling happy? Great. If you are feeling grumpy, don’t worry. Just go on, take a few minutes off, leave your grumpiness aside to pick up later and read this post.

Before I begin, I want to ask you, are you good at sketching and free-hand drawing? Yes ? Well, then you have my profound admiration. No? Great, I’m glad I…

How to deck up your balcony

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. When it comes to dressing up one’s balcony and learning a thing or two about container gardening, I look no further than the Nordic region. The design sensibilities, the color scheme (mostly whites offset with colorful furnishings), simple furniture, tall ceilings, and natural stained wood goes with what I believe in : keep it simple.

This post…

Ready for a patio makeover?

It will be July in two days. We’d planned a trip to the backwaters of Kerala last weekend but some good friends advised it would be best to stay away from the region during monsoon. But, but, whatever happened to the rains this year. As I write this, it’s bright and sunny in Bangalore. I love sitting in my modest balcony more than in any…

Gardening: Life on the Balcony

How was your weekend? After months of being holed up in the house on weekends, we had a great time on Saturday.

The title for this post, “Life on the Balcony“, is a term I’ve borrowed from Fern Richardson of the award winning blog on container gardening. I’m surprised how I’ve missed this blog for so long. Worth reading every post.

Last Friday afternoon was well…

Hand Painted Balcony Wall

One Friday afternoon, a few weeks ago, I hand painted one of our balcony walls. I actually wanted to stencil it but went freehand instead.

Not very good at sketching, this is how my effort turned out.

Start Your Kitchen Garden Today

This past Sunday was World Kitchen Gardener Day. Never knew they had a day like that. Wow! It can work wonders for a garden aficionado like me to indulge in pictures of herb gardens from around the world and get hands dirty.

Imagine. Herbs like betel leaves, basil and ajwain from your own balcony to soothe your sore throat. Dhania to garnish the tomato and basil salad….

Balcony Garden: Accessories to Spruce up your Hangout

Everyone has a favorite corner in their house; a place where you’d like to unwind, go to the first thing in the morning, sip a cup of tea in the evening, or spread the morning newspaper with breakfast on Sunday mornings . My sanctuary is my balcony garden. What’s yours?

It’s only natural that I’m constantly thinking of ways to spruce my hangout. There have been…