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15 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden to Cure Anything From Cold to Sleeplessness

15 herbs to grow in your garden to cure anything from cold to sleeplessnessLooking for a home remedy (concoction) to cure that nagging running nose or cold? 

Start Your Kitchen Garden Today

This past Sunday was World Kitchen Gardener Day. Never knew they had a day like that. Wow! It can work wonders for a garden aficionado like me to indulge in pictures of herb gardens from around the world and get hands dirty.

Imagine. Herbs like betel leaves, basil and ajwain from your own balcony to soothe your sore throat. Dhania to garnish the tomato and basil salad….

Gardening: Nurseries in Varthur, Bangalore

How have you all been doing? I had a fabulous, if only a busy, weekend driving to the outer parts of the city. Going away from civilization was rejuvenating in many ways. As we re-entered the Ring road, I could feel the CO2-high air dampening my spirit. On the brighter side, we came back with good memories and dozens of pictures.

The drive down the Varthur…