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5 ways to make your home smell heavenly all the time (and good sleep/mood is a bonus!)

air freshener


OK. I have a confession (make that two!) to make.

I’m sleep-deprived most days, because I can’t sleep through the night.

And, I’m obsessed with mild, natural scents.

Ever wondered why spas make you feel good from the moment you step in? Do you have a distinct memory of a place because of the way it smelled? It’s in the air? Of…

How to get a sparkling clean bathrooms with one awesome product? No elbow grease.

Gross alert: there’s a lot of stomach-churning description in this post. So, in jest, please be warned that this is not for the faint-hearted. 

Strands of hair. Ewwww….

Lime scale build up. Not a pretty sight.

Discolored tiles: disgusting!

Dirty foot marks.

Gross and wet. Slimy!

Not a tough one to guess what part of the house you will be cleaning today. Today, as we clean one of the nastiest parts of the house, I realize…

Cleaning tip: How to sparkle your bathroom faucets with one ingredient

Hard water.

Lime scales.

That’s the hard fact. Be it in Bangalore, or anywhere in India.

More often than not, the task or obsession of keeping the taps sparkling clean falls on me. House helps are not obsessed about it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a clean bathroom.

Over the years, I have learnt one secret and one ingredient that works wonders. Ready to know?

The best part is it doesn’t burn…

Diwali cleaning: a spotless bathroom in less than 30 minutes

Yesterday, in the first part of this series to make your home spotless just in time for Diwali, we looked at getting a sparkling living room and bedroom. Today, we move into one of the high traffic areas after the kitchen and which just gets messy no water what, if not tended to. What’s the one thing you love about any good hotel? Especially when someone else…

Bathroom Renovation: How much does it cost?

In continuation of yesterday’s discussion on replacing floor tiles in a bathroom, let’s estimate how much it will cost.

For a modest bathroom of size 6 ft * 7 ft, here’s the estimate for replacing tiles:

Labor charges for removing the existing tiles: Rs.15 per sq.ft (Hometown cost)

Renting a machine for tile tile removal: Rs. 500. If you are hiring a individual contractor, then he may charge you for…

Question: How to Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Q: Can u suggest best ( and least expensive! ) options to do bathroom flooring? In our modest 2BHK home, we can not do many changes, but want better flooring, which is easier to clean, skid-proof and with minimum joints ( i don’t know term ).

This post is in response to Preeti’s question.

Preeti’s situation mirrors most of our issues with bathrooms. Most of our…

9 Practical Tips in Bathroom Design

Who likes stepping into a dingy, stinking bathroom every morning? The most private space in a home needs as much care as the rest of the house. I remember dreading to use the toilet as kid in my grandparents’ home because it was dark and infested with cockroaches. Thank God, the bathrooms of today have come a  long way  from those dungeons and serve as a relaxing…

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