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A Festive Makeover of Your Home This Season

festive makeover ideas


Tired of the old way of decorating home, searching hard but still not feeling elated?

If hassle-free home makeover is your idea to breathe easy during this time, then, find out about a seamless way to decorate the beautiful abode. In other words, discover the beautiful world of Tangerine.

Say yes! to the festive home feat in bright…

Flowers & Origami

There are two things on his mind all day: origami and games. Well, add Charlie Brown of Peanuts, and make it three. Good grief! There was a time — not so long ago, like two months ago —  when every nook and cranny in the house had bits and pieces of paper and out popped an airplane of all shapes and sizes from the couch, dining table….

Store Tour : The Shop, New Delhi

If you live in Delhi and haven’t been to The Shop, then you should check it out. The place has a rich history and story behind its creation.The Shop retails a complete range of clothing for men, women and kids, home furnishings such as table runners, place mats, bed linen, duvet covers, and fashion accessories such as totes and bags.  All the products are designed and manufactured…

Tips for Spring Decorating on a Shoestring

This is a guest post from interior designer Elaine Griffin. I had featured Elaine in December.

Today, she shares some decor tips for shopping off-price retailers. What good is a post without eye-candy for inspiration. The tips are complemented with a few images of Soul Homes complex designed by Elaine from the March edition of Elle Decor.

1. Hit the store early and often.  It’s true that…

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