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This expat shows us how to tastefully decorate a home on a budget. In New Delhi.

Katie shares the challenges of being an expat in India when it comes to renting and decorating a home. She lets us into her eclectic home that is gifted with natural light, her design sense and…

7 Insta-worthy Easter eggs

Easy DIY Easter egg ideas and projects - dyed and colored

Easter is a reminder of how soon time flies. It marks the end of another school year, and the beginning of summer break. With kids home, Easter is a harbinger of a prolonged period of messy homes, and DIY craft and…

21 ideas to dress your home this Diwali

fresh flowers and candles

Fresh flowers. Nostalgic scents of sweets wafting from the kitchen.

The fragrance from hand-poured scented candles dominating the air.

Eye-catching rangolis at the entrance. Vibrant cushions.

Opulent silverware. Corners decked with lacquered brassware.

Polished copperware reused as vases.

Shimmering candles alongside earthy diyas.

Glittering festive wear. And an overload of memories from…

How to decorate kids’ spaces: Get tons of ideas from BBC Good Homes

Appearing for the big exam calls for a brief hiatus from the blog every time. Now that it’s over, the quant-analytical brain can be given a rest to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. And for me, it always starts soaking up images with a riot of colors.  For three months, the BBC Good Homes magazine piled up waiting to be opened on June…

Gardening: Decorating Ideas for Planters

Before we get to the wooden collections from Jin Kuramoto Studio, let me tell you how I got there.  I have two identical terra cotta pots with an interesting shape waiting to be painted and planted. I got it on my trip to Mahabalipuram; so they’ve been sitting in my balcony for over a month. I can’t settle on a design/color for…

Stylish Storage Ideas : Open Shelves

You’re well traveled. You love to cook. You’re an avid reader. You have an eye for interesting curios. Now, that means you have an impressive collection of souvenirs from the various countries you’ve visited, a good collection of recipe books, spices and well-stocked grocery, and an overflowing library. And, there’s always only so much space in an apartment to display one’s collectibles, right?

Umm, that’s true…

Inspiration: Rooms in Shades of White

One long overdue project is re-designing our guest bedroom-cum-study in white. As my husband and I got discussing about it last week, we got into a small argument over wall color. As you may agree, getting a color palette that appeals to everyone involved is one of the challenging tasks while designing interiors.  Let’s just say we’ve had better conversations on the subject. While on…