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Watch the pros shine a hard-water stained bathroom: cleaning secrets revealed

Deep cleaning service bangalore for apartments

A sparkling, shining bathroom is the mirror of a well-run home.

It’s been a little over two years since we moved into the new home; the signs of wear and tear, ageing are beginning to show. The dirt accumulating along…

B&B: Amarya Haveli in Delhi

Good morning! I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that a bed & breakfast will have some of the most valuable lessons in design and decorating! And, that’s exactly what I discovered on seeing the pictures of Amarya Haveli in Delhi.

It’s the clever choice of color, simple fabrics, alternating colors for walls and ideal positioning of period furniture that does the trick. What I liked…

Store Tour : The Shop, New Delhi

If you live in Delhi and haven’t been to The Shop, then you should check it out. The place has a rich history and story behind its creation.The Shop retails a complete range of clothing for men, women and kids, home furnishings such as table runners, place mats, bed linen, duvet covers, and fashion accessories such as totes and bags.  All the products are designed…